Toad Catchers' Creek

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Toad Catchers’ Creek (ISBN   1-932949-58-5) is a children’s book written by Brian Weiner and illustrated by Martin Cannon. It is part of a series called Child Empowerment.

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Published by the Illusion Factory in 2005, it is an inspiring tale of a young boy who discovers the courage deep within his soul to confront and overcome his fears. It speaks to both kids and parents, and teaches them valuable lessons in realizing their own sense of empowerment and self-confidence.

Inspired by Weiner's own experience with his son, Toad Catchers’ Creek tells the story of young boy named Chris who feels discouraged from a bad fall off the monkey bars. To help Chris overcome his embarrassment and fears, Chris' father tells him an inspiring story of a young bird named Screech who was fearful of flight. With encouragement from his friend Tracker the Monkey, and the magic words of "I CAN DO IT," Screech finds the courage and belief in himself to overcome his fears. Inspired by Screech's accomplishment, young Chris summons up all his courage and newfound self-belief to climb the monkey bars.

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The jungle gym, also called monkey bars or climbing frame, is a piece of playground equipment made of many pieces of material, such as metal pipe or rope, on which participants can climb, hang, sit, and in some configurations slide.

Toad Catchers’ Creek underlines the importance of helping kids to overcome their fears and obstacles as they face real world challenges during their formative years.


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