Tobadill Church

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Tobadill Church

Tobadill Church is a church in Tobadill, Tyrol, Austria. It is dedicated to Magnus of Füssen.

Tobadill Place in Tyrol, Austria

Tobadill is a municipality in the district of Landeck in the Austrian state of Tyrol located 4 km west of the town of Landeck.

Tyrol (state) State of Austria

Tyrol is a federal state (Bundesland) in western Austria. It comprises the Austrian part of the historical Princely County of Tyrol. It is a constituent part of the present-day Euroregion Tyrol–South Tyrol–Trentino. The capital of Tyrol is Innsbruck.

Austria Federal republic in Central Europe

Austria, officially the Republic of Austria, is a country of nearly 9 million people in Central Europe. It is bordered by the Czech Republic and Germany to the north, Hungary and Slovakia to the east, Slovenia and Italy to the south, and Switzerland and Liechtenstein to the west. The territory of Austria covers 83,879 km2 (32,386 sq mi). The terrain is highly mountainous, lying within the Alps; only 32% of the country is below 500 m (1,640 ft), and its highest point is 3,798 m (12,461 ft). The majority of the population speaks local Bavarian dialects as their native language, and German in its standard form is the country's official language. Other local official languages are Hungarian, Burgenland Croatian, and Slovene.

It originated as a 1705 chapel, replaced by a church designed by Kassian Grießer between 1735 and 1737. The latter was consecrated in 1751, whilst the tower was added in 1768. The church was enlarged in 1792 and a ceiling painting added the following year by Johann Georg Witwer, showing St Magnus in Glory in the choir, St Magnus defeating the dragon and St Magnus healing the possessed in the nave and the four evangelists in the side chapels.


Coordinates: 47°07′33″N10°30′47″E / 47.1259°N 10.5131°E / 47.1259; 10.5131

Geographic coordinate system Coordinate system

A geographic coordinate system is a coordinate system that enables every location on Earth to be specified by a set of numbers, letters or symbols. The coordinates are often chosen such that one of the numbers represents a vertical position and two or three of the numbers represent a horizontal position; alternatively, a geographic position may be expressed in a combined three-dimensional Cartesian vector. A common choice of coordinates is latitude, longitude and elevation. To specify a location on a plane requires a map projection.

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