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Tobin Sorenson (June 15, 1955 – October 5, 1980) was an American rock climber and alpinist famed for establishing bold first ascents on Yosemite big walls, in the Alps, Canadian Rockies, and New Zealand. [1]


Early life and education

A California native, Sorenson was the son of a minister, Lee Sorenson, and was raised in Covina, California. [2] As a teenager he played the guitar at church and sang in the choir, and continued to emphasize faith and spirituality throughout his life. [2] Sorenson graduated from Biola University in 1980.


Sorenson honed his climbing skills at Tahquitz Rock, Joshua Tree National Park, Suicide Rock, and Yosemite Valley. [2] [3] [4] [5] Later he turned his attention to the European Alps, and conquered several dangerous ice climbs in the Mont Blanc massif and the Eiger north face. [2] [6] Sorenson is considered by some to be the best all-around climber of his time. [2] [7] A contemporary of John Long and John Bachar in a group they called the Stonemasters putting up daring new routes in the Idyllwild, California area, Sorenson pushed risk standards in the realm of rock climbing and alpine mountaineering. [3] [7]


Sorenson died from a fall during a solo attempt of the Mount Alberta's North Face on October 5, 1980. [8] [3]

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