Tobruk Airport

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Tobruk International Airport

مطار طبرق الدولي
Maṭār Ṭubruq ad-Dawlī
Airport typePublic/Military
Serves Tobruk, Libya
Location Al Adm
Coordinates 31°51′36″N23°54′22″E / 31.86000°N 23.90611°E / 31.86000; 23.90611 Coordinates: 31°51′36″N23°54′22″E / 31.86000°N 23.90611°E / 31.86000; 23.90611
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Airplane silhouette.svg
Location within Libya
Direction LengthSurface
Sources: SkyVector [1] GCM [2]

Tobruk International Airport( IATA : TOB, ICAO : HLTQ) is an airport serving the Mediterranean port city of Tobruk, capital of the Butnan District of Libya. The airport is 23 kilometres (14 mi) south of Tobruk, at the town of Al Adm.



The airport was previously named Gamal Abdel Nasser Airport, after the president of the former United Arab Republic.

The airport was officially opened as Tobruk International Airport on 29 April 2013. The oldest airport in Libya, it had previously offered only internal flights. The first international passenger flight was to Alexandria, Egypt, operated by Libyan Airlines. The airport operates domestic flights to Benghazi and Tripoli. [3]

A new passenger terminal is currently[ when? ] under construction. The airport will have a duty-free zone. Plans are currently underway to establish cargo service to Tobruk's International Airport.

Historical background

At the beginning of World War II, Libya was an Italian colony and Tobruk became the site of important battles between the Allies and Axis powers. Tobruk was strategically important to the conquest of Eastern Libya, then called the province of Cyrenaica. The airfield was significant due to the importance of air power in desert warfare.

Airlines and destinations

Buraq Air Tripoli–Mitiga
Libyan Airlines Alexandria, Benghazi, Tripoli–Mitiga, Tunis

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