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Tobu World Square
Tokyo Sky Tree in Tobu World Square.jpg
1:25 scale replica of Tokyo Skytree
Location Kinugawa Onsen, Nikkō, Tochigi, Japan
Coordinates 36°48′28″N139°42′42″E / 36.807773°N 139.711761°E / 36.807773; 139.711761 Coordinates: 36°48′28″N139°42′42″E / 36.807773°N 139.711761°E / 36.807773; 139.711761
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Tobu World Square (東武ワールドスクウェア) is a theme park in Kinugawa Onsen, Nikkō, Tochigi, Japan. The theme park contains over a hundred 1:25 scale models of famous buildings, including UNESCO-designated World Cultural and Heritage Sites, complete with 140,000 1:25 miniature people.


On 24 April 2010, a 1:25 scale model of the Tokyo Skytree was unveiled at the park. This is 26 metres tall, taller than the 19.95-metre replica of the New York World Trade Center. [1]

Night time illumination

Between November and March the park has extended opening hours. During this time approximately 1.4 million red and blue lights illuminate the park. Buildings such as the Tokyo Sky Tree, the Eiffel Tower and the Duomo di Milano are lit up with LEDs and spotlights. There is also a 150-meter tunnel of lights that leads up to the Alpine Roses Park. [2]

List of exhibits

Modern Japan zone

0 Tokyo Skytree and Composite Development Area Flag of Japan.svg Japan 2012On display from April 2010.
1 National Diet Building 1936
2 Akasaka Palace 1909
3 Tokyo Station 1914with Shinkansen Yamabiko and Rapid Train of Chūō Line (running).
4 Tokyo Tower 1958
5 Imperial Hotel (Former) 1923No existing (dismantled in 1968).
6 Tokyo Dome 1988
7 Tokyo National Museum, Honkan 1938
8 Tokyo National Museum, Hyōkeikan 1909
9 Yoyogi National Gymnasium 1964
10 Narita International Airport, Terminal 21992
11 Fuji-maru (passenger ship)1989
12Japanese typical fishing port with Canal, Sluice and Port facility.
Fuguijiao Lighthouse Flag of the Republic of China.svg Taiwan 1962Exhibition from April 2018.

America Zone

13 Statue of Liberty Flag of the United States.svg United States 1886Cultural heritage.
14 City Pier A Late 19th century
Plaza Hotel 1907
Grand Army Plaza 1867
15 World Trade Center 1973Destroyed by the September 11 attacks in 2001.
American Standard Building 1924
16 Empire State Building 1931
17 Chrysler Building 1930
Central Park 1876
18 Flatiron Building 1902
Harlem, New York City
19 White House 1800

Egypt Zone

20 Pyramid of Menkaure Flag of Egypt.svg Egypt Around 26th century BC – 25th century BCCultural heritage.
21 Pyramid of Khafre
22 Pyramid of Khufu
23 Great Sphinx of Giza
24 Abu Simbel temples 13th century BC

Europe zone

25 Parthenon Flag of Greece.svg Greece 5th century BCCultural heritage.
26 Roman Colosseum Flag of Italy.svg Italy 80
27 Leaning Tower of Pisa 1372
28 St. Peter's Basilica Flag of the Vatican City.svg Vatican City 1626
29 Milan Cathedral Flag of Italy.svg Italy1813
30 St Mark's Basilica 1090Cultural heritage.
31 Château de Chambord Flag of France.svg France 1547
32 Palace of Versailles 1772
33 Basilique du Sacré-Cœur 1919
34 Notre Dame de Paris 1225Cultural heritage.
35 Arc de Triomphe 1836
36 Eiffel Tower 1889
37 Belvedere Flag of Austria.svg Austria 1723
38 Borgund stave church Flag of Norway.svg Norway Around 12th century
39 Peterhof Palace Flag of Russia.svg Russia 1709Cultural heritage.
40 Saint Basil's Cathedral 1560
41 Peace Palace Flag of the Netherlands.svg Netherlands 1913
42 Magere Brug 1772
43The Windmills at Kinderdijk Around 18th century – 19th centuryCultural heritage.
44 The windmill of Zaanse Schans (A)
45 The windmill of Zaanse Schans (B)
46 Neuschwanstein Castle Flag of Germany.svg Germany 1886
47 Buckingham Palace Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Great Britain 1703
48 Dover Castle Around 12th century
49 Tower Bridge 1894
50 Westminster Abbey 1245–1519Cultural heritage.
51 Big Ben and the Palace of Westminster 1836–1868
52 Sagrada Família Flag of Spain.svg Spain 1882 – (Under construction)
53 Alhambra Around 13th century – 15th century
54 Park Güell 1914
55 Casa Vicens 1888
56 Cathedral of Santa Eulalia, Barcelona 1058

Asia zone

Wat Arun Flag of Thailand.svg  Thailand Before 1656Exhibition from July 2019.
57 Masjed-e Emam, Isfahan Flag of Iran.svg  Iran 1638Cultural heritage.
58 Ananda Temple Flag of Myanmar.svg Myanmar Around 1091
59 Angkor Wat Flag of Cambodia.svg Cambodia Around 12th centuryCultural heritage.
60 Taj Mahal Flag of India.svg India 1653
61 Forbidden City Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg China Around 15th century – 17th century
62 Temple of Heaven 1420
63 Mogao Caves Around 4th century
64 Yungang Grottoes Late 5th century
65 Great Wall of China Around 3rd century BC
66-A Namdaemun Flag of South Korea.svg South Korea 1448For reconstruction after being destroyed in the 2008 Namdaemun fire (for completion in 2011).
66-B Gyeongbokgung 1867Exhibition from April 1999.
67-A Dragon and Tiger Pagodas, Kaohsiung Flag of the Republic of China.svg Taiwan1976
67-B Taipei 101 2004Exhibition from October 2015.

Japan Zone

68 The pagoda of Ishiyama-dera Flag of Japan.svg Japan747
69 Tōshōdai-ji 759Cultural heritage.
70 Yakushi-ji 680
71 Hōryū-ji 607
72 Kasuga-taisha 768
73 Ninomaru Palace of Nijō Castle 1603
74 Kinkaku-ji 1397
75 Ginkaku-ji 1490
76 Byōdō-in Phoenix Hall 1052
77 Kyoto Imperial Palace ShishindenAround 13th century
78 Katsura Imperial Villa Around 17th century
79 Kiyomizu-dera 778Cultural heritage.
80 The Great Buddha Hall of Tōdai-ji Early 8th century
81 Itsukushima Shrine Around 1168
82 Himeji Castle 1609
83 Zuigan-ji Around 828
84 The reliquary hall of Engaku-ji 1282
85 Kumamoto Castle 1607
86Japanese Four seasonsSpring (Rice Planting)
Summer (Bon Odori)
Autumn (Rice reaping)
Winter (Dezomeshiki – New Year firefighters' event)
with Tobu Railway's limited express "Spacia", Tobu 10000 series train, a steam locomotive, and a freight train (running).
87 Multilayer house in Tamugimata, Yamagata 1822
88Residence of a wealthy farmer (The house formerly Sasagawa), Niigata 1826
89 Scattered houses in Shōkawa, Toyama 1853
90 Gasshō-zukuri house in Shirakawa-gō, Gifu Around 17th century – 18th centuryCultural heritage.
91 Weathercock house, Kobe (Former Mr. Thomas' Residence)20th century
92 Yamatomune house (The house of Yoshimura), Osaka Early 17th century
93 Yatsumune-zukuri house (The house of Toshima), Ehime 1758?
94 Former Kaichi School 1873
95 Main building of Dōgo Onsen 1894
96 Ōura Church 1864Cultural heritage.
97 The palace formerly Glover, Nagasaki 1863
98 Dōzaki Church 1908
99 Shureimon Late 14th century
100 Sapporo Clock Tower 1878
101 Former Hokkaidō government office building 1888
102 Zoological park with amusement park (Create a model representative of British zoological park)

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Tobu World Square Station is a railway station in the city of Nikkō, Tochigi, Japan, operated by the private railway operator Tobu Railway. It opened on 22 July 2017, and primarily serves the adjacent Tobu World Square theme park.


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