Toby Ann Stavisky

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Leonard P. Stavisky
(m. 1964;died 1999)
Toby Ann Stavisky
Toby Ann Stavisky 2012.jpg
Stavisky in 2012
Member of the New York State Senate
from the 11th district
Assumed office
November 3, 1999
Residence Queens, New York
Alma mater Syracuse University
Hunter College
Queens College
Website Official website

Toby Ann Stavisky (née Goldhaar, born June 26, 1939) [1] is an American politician serving as a member of the New York State Senate, having held a seat since 1999. She represents the 11th district, which comprises parts of Queens.


Life and career

Stavisky was born and raised on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. She attended New York City public schools before graduating from Bronx High School of Science, and Syracuse University, which she attended on an academic scholarship. The Senator completed graduate courses at Hunter College and Queens College. [2]

After working in the actuarial department of a major insurance company, Stavisky taught Social Studies in the New York City high schools. [3] She served as District Manager in Northeast Queens for the Census, where she directed more than 1,000 field and office staff and was cited by the Commerce Department for her outstanding work. [4]

Stavisky was married to Dr. Leonard P. Stavisky (1925–1999), a member of the New York State Assembly from 1966 to 1983, and of the New York State Senate from 1983 until his death in 1999. Her son, Evan M. Stavisky, is a political consultant as well as a local district leader. [1]

New York Senate

Upon the death of her husband in 1999, Stavisky ran and easily won the special election to succeed him. [5] She is the first woman from Queens County elected to the State Senate. [6] When she first won election, the district was predominantly Jewish, but has shifted drastically over the past two decades to become majority Asian American. [7] As such, Stavisky has faced primaries in recent years against Asian-American candidates, but has been successful in each challenge. [8]

From 2003 to 2008, Stavisky served as Assistant Minority Whip and Ranking Minority Member of the Committee on Higher Education. She currently serves as the Chairwoman of the Committee on Higher Education. [9] In 2013, Stavisky was appointed to the subcommittee on New York City Education.

In 2022, Stavisky sponsored a bill that would give state health insurance coverage to unauthorized immigrants. [10]

Stavisky has claimed that New York's bail reform laws have had no clear impact on the increase in crime. [11]

In 2023, [12] Stavisky's Senate district changed from the 16th to the 11th. [13]

Electoral History
1999 [14] Toby Stavisky7,68892%Richard Jannaccio6398%
2000 [15] Toby Stavisky36,91398%Josephine Jones7832%
2002 (primary) [16] Toby Stavisky7,55960%Julia Harrison4,93840%
2002 [17] Toby Stavisky28,83683%Julia Harrison4,00812%Mark Ralin1,5454.5%
2004Toby Stavisky54,419100%unopposed
2006Toby Stavisky36,134100%unopposed
2008 (primary)Toby Stavisky5,45967%Robert Schwartz2,68733%
2008Toby Stavisky51,07669.5%Peter Koo22,48230.5%
2010 (primary)Toby Stavisky7,48047.5%Isaac Sasson5,28733.5%John Messer2,99719%
2010Toby Stavisky34,47187%Robert Schwartz5,17113%
2012 (primary)Toby Stavisky5,33758%John Messer3,87942%
2012Toby Stavisky43,97876.5%JD Kim13,50723.5%
2014 (primary)Toby Stavisky5,41760%SJ Jung3,88040%
2014Toby Stavisky21,166100%unopposed
2016 (primary)Toby Stavisky5,69059%SJ Jung3,96641%
2016Toby Stavisky52,49578%Carlos Giron14,85622%
2018Toby Stavisky42,81695.5%Vincent Pazienza2,0534.5%
2020Toby Stavisky65,240100%unopposed
2022 (11 SD)Toby Stavisky38,52457%Stefano Forte29,37843%

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New York's 11th State Senate district is one of 63 districts in the New York State Senate. It has been represented by Democrat Toby Ann Stavisky since 2023.


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