Toby Leung

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Toby Leung
Leung in 2003
Born (1983-02-27) 27 February 1983 (age 40)
Occupation(s)Singer, actress
Years active2004 – present
Aaron Wong
(m. 2011;div. 2014)
Jonathan Sze
(m. 2019)
Parent(s)Tommy Leung and Barbara Siu
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese
Musical career
Genres Cantopop

Toby Leung Ching-kei (Chinese :梁靖琪; born 27 February 1983) is Cantopop singer and actress from Hong Kong. She entered the music industry in 2004 when the MusicNationGroup discovered her talent. Together with Macy Chan, Elise Liu (廖雋嘉) and Bella Cheung (張曼伶), they formed the singing group Girl's only Dormitory (女生宿舍) which eventually disbanded. Her father, Tommy Leung, was also the deputy-chief director of drama in TVB (and now with ViuTV), which allowed her to enter the acting career. She signed with TVB and became a contracted artist for 12 years until 2016 where she joined ViuTV.[ citation needed ]




2004Golden Bug Detectives Online Drama
Sunshine Heartbeat TobyGuest star
2005The Zonestudent(ep. 2)
2006 Men in Pain Ko FanNominated – TVB Award for Best Actress
2007 The Drive of Life Wah Ching-lamNominated – TVB Award for Best Supporting Actress
Nominated – TVB Award for Most Improved Actress
Marriage of Inconvenience Ng Yi Wu-jiuNominated – TVB Award for Most Improved Actress
2008 The Money-Maker Recipe Mo Ying-shanNominated – TVB Award for Most Improved Actress
2009 The Threshold of a Persona Chung Chi-yan
In the Chamber of Bliss Mok Ching-yee
2010 Growing Through Life Hoi Mei-sze (Macy)Nominated – TVB Award for Best Supporting Actress
2011 My Sister of Eternal Flower Fa Lai-ping (Jenny)
Wax and Wane Ho Ka-moonNominated – TVB Anniversary Award for My Favourite Female Character (Top 15)
Super Snoops Ngok Kau
2013 Season of Love Lam Chun-fanEpisodes 1–5: Chapter of Spring
Triumph in the Skies II Tung Oi-ping (Apple)
Bounty Lady Lam Shuk-wah (Paula)
2014 ICAC Investigators 2014 Chan Sze-man (Elaine)(ep. 3)
The Ultimate Addiction Ho Seung-fei
Line Walker Chiu Mei-hin
2015 Wudang Rules Yeung Ching-wu
Angel In-the-Making Noddy Siao
2018 Shadow of Justice Lin Yin
Infernal Affairs Su Qing
2022Modern DynastyMa Chiu-Tse (Chelsea)


2005 Drink-Drank-Drunk Toby
2006 Confession of Pain policewoman
2007 The Haunted School Ah Sze
2008 True Women for Sale Elaine
2009Love ConnectedVivian
2010 72 Tenants of Prosperity "Ting Tai Phone" mobile store employee
2019 Lion Rock 獅子山上 Cathy


Personal life

Leung has Canadian nationality in addition to Hong Kong citizenship. She went to King George V School in Hong Kong for secondary education.[ citation needed ] She married Aaron Wong on 24 November 2011 and officially divorced in 2014. [2] In 2019, Leung married to Johnathan Sze and had a baby in December named Roman Sze. In late 2021, she announced her second pregnancy on social media.[ citation needed ]

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