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Coordinates: 8°11′20″S76°30′50″W / 8.18889°S 76.51389°W / -8.18889; -76.51389 Coordinates: 8°11′20″S76°30′50″W / 8.18889°S 76.51389°W / -8.18889; -76.51389
CountryFlag of Peru.svg  Peru
Region San Martín
Province Tocache
District Tocache
  MayorDavid Bazan Arevalo
497 m (1,631 ft)
Time zone UTC-5 (PET)

Tocache is a town in Northern Peru, capital of the province Tocache in the region San Martín. There were 23,511 inhabitants according to the 2007 census. [1]

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San Martín is a department and region in northern Peru. Most of the department is located in the upper part of the Peruvian Amazon rainforest. Its capital is Moyobamba and the largest city in the department is Tarapoto.

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The Tocache Province is one of 10 provinces of the San Martín Region in northern Peru.

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Nuevo Progreso District is one of five districts of the province Tocache in Peru.

Pólvora District is one of five districts of the province Tocache in Peru.

Tocache District is one of five districts of the province Tocache in Peru.

Uchiza District is one of five districts of the province Tocache in Peru.

Shunte District is one of five districts of the province Tocache in Peru.

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Saposoa Airport

Saposoa Airport is an airport serving the town of Saposoa in the San Martín Region of Peru. The runway is 1.6 kilometres (0.99 mi) south of the town, on the opposite side of the Saposoa River.

Tocache Airport

Tocache Airport is an airport serving the town of Tocache in the San Martín Region of Peru.

Miki González

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