Tochigi Green Stadium

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Tochigi Green Stadium
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Tochigi Green Stadium
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Tochigi Green Stadium
Japan Tochigi Prefecture
Location Flag of Japan.svg Utsunomiya, Japan
Coordinates 36°33′24″N139°59′12″E / 36.556667°N 139.986667°E / 36.556667; 139.986667
Owner Tochigi Prefecture
OperatorKita Kanto Sohgo Security Service
Capacity 18,025
Tochigi SC 1993 - 2019

Tochigi Green Stadium (栃木県グリーンスタジアム, Tochigi-ken Gurīn Stajiamu) is a multi-use stadium in Utsunomiya, Tochigi, Japan.

Originally it was a stadium with a single concrete stand and grass terraces on the other sides. A new concrete stand was built opposite the main stand and opened for the 2011 season. The stadium's capacity is 18,025 people.

It is also used sometimes for Top League rugby games.

Coordinates: 36°33′24″N139°59′12″E / 36.55667°N 139.98667°E / 36.55667; 139.98667

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