Tochka (album)

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Studio album by
ReleasedDecember 2002
Genre Ska punk
Label Gala Records
Leningrad chronology
Piraty XXI veka
Leningrad udelivaet Ameriku Disk 1

Tochka (Russian : Точка) is a 2002 album by Leningrad. "Точка", means 'dot' or 'point'. In Russian slang, this can refer to a place of prostitution or somewhere that vodka is sold.

Track listing

  1. "Money" – 3:14
  2. "Наркоман" - Narkoman - (Druggie) – 4:51
  3. "Злая пуля" - Zlaya pulya - (Evil Bullet) – 4:33
  4. "Dance" – 2:35
  5. "Никто не любит" - Nikto ne lyubit - (Nobody Loves) – 3:21
  6. "Полет Шнура" - Polet Shnura - (The Flight of Shnur)" – 2:29
  7. "Нужен Гол" - Nuzhen gol - (Goal Needed) – 4:22
  8. "Танго (Я так люблю тебя)" - Tango (Ya tak lyublyu tebya) - (Tango (I love you so)) – 4:27
  9. "Однажды" - Odnazhdy - (Once) – 2:44
  10. "Где же ваши руки?" - Gde zhe vashi ruki? - (Where are your hands?) – 6:21

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