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Toconce is a small Chilean village located on the south rim of the Toconce River Canyon at 3,350 m above sea level. [1] To the north, the landscape is dominated by the volcanoes Cerro Paniri, Cerro del León and Toconce.

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Cerro del León

Cerro del León is a stratovolcano located in El Loa province, Antofagasta Region, Chile. It is part of the Chilean Central Volcanic Zone and forms a volcanic lineament with neighbouring Paniri and Toconce that was active into the Holocene. Cerro del León itself was constructed in three stages by andesitic–dacitic lava flows and was subject to glacial erosion.

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Ayquina is a village located on the northern flank of Salado River Canyon in the Calama commune of the El Loa Province in Chile's Antofagasta Region. It sits at an elevation of 2,980 m (9,777 ft) above sea level. The festival of Our Lady of Guadalupe of Ayquina is the most important religious festival in the area.

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Salar de Ascotán, also known as Salar de Cebollar, is a salt flat in northern Chile. Its drainage basin is 1,455 square kilometers (562 sq mi) and is shared with Bolivia. The basin is bordered on the north by the Salar de Carcote basin, on the east by small endorheic basins, including those of Laguna Cañapa and Laguna Hedionda, from which is separated by the crest of the Cerros de Cañapa, Cerro Araral and others. To the south, the basin is bordered by the San Pedro de Inacaliri River basin, while to the west the drainage divide between the salt flat and the Upper Loa River basin is marked by the summits of a chain of volcanoes culminating in Palpana.

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