Toda Station

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Toda Station (戸田駅) is the name of two train stations in Japan:

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Ooty Hill station in Tamil Nadu, India

Ooty, officially known as Udagamandalam, is a town and a municipality in the Niligiris District of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is located 86 km north of Coimbatore and 128 km south of Mysore and is the headquarters of the Nilgiris district. It is a popular hill station located in the Nilgiri Hills.

Toda people ethnic group

Toda people are a Dravidian ethnic group who live in the Nilgiri Mountains of Tamil Nadu. Before the 18th century and British colonisation, the Toda coexisted locally with other ethnic communities, including the Kota, Badaga and Kurumba, in a loose caste-like society, in which the Toda were the top ranking. During the 20th century, the Toda population has hovered in the range 700 to 900. Although an insignificant fraction of the large population of India, since the early 19th century the Toda have attracted "a most disproportionate amount of attention because of their ethnological aberrancy" and "their unlikeness to their neighbours in appearance, manners, and customs." The study of their culture by anthropologists and linguists proved significant in developing the fields of social anthropology and ethnomusicology.

Kazuyuki Toda is a former Japanese football player. He played for Japan national team.

Jōsei Toda educator and second president of Soka Gakkai

Jōsei Toda was a teacher, peace activist and second president of Soka Gakkai from 1951 to 1958. Imprisoned for two years during World War II under violating the Peace Preservation Law and the charge of lèse-majesté, he emerged from prison intent on rebuilding the Soka Gakkai. He has been described as the architect of the Soka Gakkai, the person chiefly responsible for its existence today.

<i>Brothers and Sisters of the Toda Family</i> 1941 film by Yasujiro Ozu

Brothers and Sisters of the Toda Family is a 1941 Japanese film directed by Yasujirō Ozu.

Toda is a Dravidian language noted for its many fricatives and trills. It is spoken by the Toda people, a population of about one thousand who live in the Nilgiri Hills of southern India. The Toda language originated from Tamil-Kannada.

Cadena Salsoul is an entertainment-focused salsa radio station in Puerto Rico.

Toda Racing Co., Ltd was established in 1970 in Okayama, Japan as a maintenance company for racing vehicles and engines. Since its inception, company activities have grown to include manufacturing and development of racing engines for various forms of Japanese motorsports, ranging from Formula 3 to GT300. The experience gained in the realm of professional motorsports is applied to all TODA Racing products available to consumers.

My Lord Bag of Rice Japanese fairy tale about a heroic samurai Tawara Tōda, based on real-life figure (Q1136623)

[[Image:Kuniyoshi The Dragon Princess.jpg|thumb|240px|Dragon Woman and Tawara Tōda. Centipede of Mt. Mikami (above).{{small|―Utagawa Kuniyoshi 1845, Tokaidō gojūsantsui: Kusatsu]] [[Image:Yoshitoshi Fujiwara no Hidesato.jpg|thumb|200px|o shooting the giant centipede.{{small|―Tsukioka Yoshitoshi 1890.]] "My Lord Bag of Rice" is a Japanese fairy tale about the titular hero a.k.a. Fujiwara no Hidesato who killed a giant centipede (mukade) at the request of a dragon-serpent from the underwater Ryūgū-jō (龍宮城) "Dragon Palace". The hero was entertained at the palace and received rewards, which included an inexhaustible bag of rice.

Seinosuke Toda is a computer scientist working at the Nihon University in Tokyo. Toda earned his Ph.D. from the Tokyo Institute of Technology in 1992, under the supervision of Kojiro Kobayashi. He was a recipient of the 1998 Gödel Prize for proving Toda's theorem in computational complexity theory, which states that every problem in the polynomial hierarchy has a polynomial-time Turing reduction to a counting problem.

Toda Station (Aichi) railway station in Nagoya, Aichi prefecture, Japan

Toda Station is a railway station in Nakagawa-ku, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, Japan.

Kita-Toda Station Railway station in Toda, Saitama Prefecture, Japan

Kita-Toda Station is a railway station on the Saikyō Line in Toda, Saitama, Japan, operated by the East Japan Railway Company.

Toda Station (Saitama) Railway station in Toda, Saitama Prefecture, Japan

Toda Station is a railway station on the Saikyō Line in Toda, Saitama, Japan, operated by the East Japan Railway Company.

Toda-Kōen Station Railway station in Toda, Saitama Prefecture, Japan

Toda-kōen Station is a railway station on the Saikyō Line in Toda, Saitama, Japan, operated by the East Japan Railway Company.

Pykara village and river in Tamil Nadu, India

Pykara is the name of a village and river 19 kilometres (12 mi) from Ooty in the Indian State of Tamil Nadu. The Pykara River is considered very sacred by the Todas. It rises at Mukurthi peak, flows northwards, and then turns to the west after reaching the edge of the plateau. The river flows through Murkurti, Pykara and Glenmorgan dams, and forms part of an important hydro-electric power project.

Punturin, Valenzuela Barangay in National Capital Region, Philippines

Punturin is one of the 33 barangays that comprises the City of Valenzuela, Philippines. It is a mix of industrial and residential areas like its neighboring barangays of Bignay and Lawang Bato.

Batasan station proposed station on the MRT-7

Batasan Station is an under-construction elevated station of the Manila Metro Rail Transit System Line 7 located in Batasan Hills, Quezon City, Philippines. It is near the Sandiganbayan Centennial Building, Batasan TODA Terminal, the Commission on Audit Complex and the Batasan Pambansa Complex.

<i>Toda Max</i> television series

TodaMax is a Philippine situational comedy series on ABS-CBN from November 5, 2011 to November 16, 2013. This series was starring with Robin Padilla, Pokwang, Angel Locsin, and Vhong Navarro though due to 3 movie commitments, Padilla decided to leave the show in early of 2013 and hoped to come back after doing all his movies.

<i>De todas maneras Rosa</i> television series

De Todas Maneras Rosa is a Venezuelan telenovela written by Carlos Perez for Venevisión.

Toda, Saitama City in Kantō, Japan

Toda is a city located in Saitama Prefecture, Japan. As of 1 February 2016, the city had an estimated population of 136,652, and a population density of 7510 persons per km². Its total area is 18.19 square kilometres (7.02 sq mi).