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Tamamo-no-Mae (玉藻前)
Tama first appears in the fourth manga volume after Hinata accidentally releases her from her shrine. She then possesses Hinata so she can grant her wish of getting closer to Chiaki as a way of thanking her. Hinata is later able to overpower the possession which confuses Tama who insists on getting them together. Hinata explains to her that possession isn't the right way to truly confess to someone so she follows Hinata around afterwards, becomes her friend, and helps in any way to get them closer together. Tama is usually shown in chibi form but can transform into a busty adult when explaining what feminine appeal looks like.
Fenrir aka Rir Rir
RirRir appears in the second manga volume, and kidnaps Chiaki in order to make him into a meal. Her strength is shown to be with her eyes in the form of hypnosis to anyone who looks into them. She uses this power to have her victims defend her, and fight when needed. Her real identity is the great Norse wolf Fenrir, in the series she has two sisters who unlike her accept Japanese society. She is later bound up by her younger sisters and forced to repent for her actions against Chiaki and his friends. Rir Rir has remained there ever since with a "bad wolf" label on her bound body.
Jormungand and Hel
These two mythical figures are shown to be the younger sisters of Rir Rir in the series. After binding up their older sister they both make an apology to Chiaki, and Kuro. Jormungand works as a maid, and likes Japanese culture, while Hel (shown to be a little girl) carries her guard dog Garm on her back in the form of a backpack. Hel is queen of their "Northern Hell". While Jormungand appears to be helpful but her true motives remain unclear.


Today's Cerberus was first serialized in the monthly manga magazine Monthly Shōnen Gangan starting on January 22, 2014 through a special edition version of the magazine. [2] When the fourth volume was released, a Drama CD was bundled in with the printed volume. [3] Yen Press initially announced in April, 2015 through a panel at Sakura-Con that it would release Today's Cerberus in a digital format, but later changed this to include printed manga format as well. [4] [5]

Today's Cerberus
Today's Ceberus FC1.jpg
Cover of the first volume (English release)
(Kyō no Kerberos)
Genre Comedy, harem [1]
No.Original release dateOriginal ISBNEnglish release dateEnglish ISBN
1 January 22, 2014 [6] 9784757542013 July 21, 2015 [7] 9780316308014
2 June 21, 2014 [8] 9784757543294 July 21, 2015 [9] 9780316308045
3 December 22, 2014 [10] 9784757545014 August 18, 2015 [11] 9780316391702
4 April 22, 2015 [12] 9784757546110 August 18, 2015 [13] 9780316391726
5 September 19, 2015 [14] 9784757547360 October 27, 2015 [15] 9780316356862
6 February 20, 2016 [16] 9784757548824 November 14, 2017 [17] 9780316416078
7 July 22, 2016 [18] 9784757550575 March 6, 2018 [19] 9780316416115
8 December 22, 2016 [20] 9784757551831 April 24, 2018 [21] 9781975300241
9 June 22, 2017 [22] 9784757553729 June 26, 2018 [23] 9781975300272
10 November 22, 2017 [24] 9784757555198 August 21, 2018 [25] 9781975381127
11 June 21, 2018 [26] 9784757557468 January 22, 2019 [27] 9781975383756
12 June, 2018 [28] 9784757557475 April 30, 2019 [29] 9781975330392


The English language adaptation of Kyō no Kerberos has received reviews from various notable sources. Richard Gutierrez from The Fandom Post said that he thought the three girls inhabiting the same body concept was initially promising, but was disappointed on how it ended there with the usual stereotypical themes/traits. Gutierrez cites manga series such as Ranma ½, and Dragon Ball for similarities, but goes on to say that the experience could be new to someone not familiar with the hinted references. [30]

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