Today (1960 TV series)

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GenreNews, weather, exercise instruction
Presented byBarry McQueen
Hal Todd
Country of originAustralia
Running time60 minutes
90 minutes (on Saturdays)
Original network GTV-9
Original release1960 (1960) 
1961 (1961)

Today is an Australian television series which aired from 1960 to 1961 on Melbourne station GTV-9. Originally hosted by Barry McQueen, most episodes were hosted by Hal Todd. It was a morning series aired at 7:30AM, and running for 60 minutes (90 minutes on Saturdays). It included news, weather and exercise instruction. Following the end of the series, Hal Todd began hosting Toddy Time . Following the end of the series, GTV-9 stopped offering morning programming for several years. Previously, it had aired In Melbourne Today in a morning time-slot on Saturdays from 1957 to 1958.



Reviewing the first two episodes, The Age gave it a mixed review, saying that "Today showed some entertaining segments" but also stated that "Today didn't flow as smoothly as such programmes are required to flow". [1]

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