Today Is Our Valentine's Day

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Today Is Our Valentine's Day
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Studio album with live tracks by
Released28 August 2008
Genre Mandarin pop
Label B'in Music
Fish Leong chronology

Today Is Our Valentine's Day

Fall in Love & Songs


Today Is Our Valentine's Day (Chinese :今天情人节) is the third live album of Fish Leong (Chinese: 梁静茹), released on 28 August 2008.

Track listing

  1. 今天情人節
  2. 如果能在一起
  3. 我們就到這
  4. 我決定 - Wo Jue Ding
  5. 昨日情書 (A medley song of: Jody Chiang's Speechless Flower, Faye Wong's Red Bean, A-Mei and JJ Lin's Remember and Jacky Cheung's Love Letters)
  6. 崇拜
  7. 會呼吸的痛
  8. 知足 (Original artist: Mayday)
  9. 愛很簡單 (Original artist: David Tao)
  10. 誘惑的街 (Original artist: Sandy Lam)
  11. 夢醒時分 (Original artist: Sarah Chen)
  12. C'est La Vie
  13. Let's Fall in Love (Original artist: Karen Mok)
  14. 滿滿的都是愛

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