Todd Breitenstein

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Todd Breitenstein
Born(1966-03-03)March 3, 1966
DiedMarch 24, 2013(2013-03-24) (aged 47)
Nationality American
Occupation Game designer
SpouseKerry Breen

Todd A. Breitenstein (March 3, 1966 – March 24, 2013 [1] ) was a table-top game designer and co-founder of Twilight Creations.


Early life

Todd Breitenstein was born in Fort Thomas, Kentucky to John and Diane Breitenstein. [1]


In 2000, Breitenstein was working for the game division of Cincinnati-based United States Playing Card Company. [2] While there he conceived of a game titled Zombies!!! At the 2001 Origins Awards, Zombies!!! won "Best Graphic Presentation of a Board Game." [3]

Breitenstein subsequently left US Playing Card Company in 2002 and with his wife Kerry, founded Twilight Creations, which was headquartered in Cold Spring, Kentucky. With Breitenstein as president, [2] the company produced several expansions for Zombies!!!, including a new line, When Darkness Comes. [4]

Personal life

Breitenstein and his wife Kerry had three children. [4] Breitenstein died of cancer in 2013. [1]

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