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Todd Fink is the lead singer of The Faint. Todd fink1.jpg
Todd Fink is the lead singer of The Faint.

Todd Fink (born Todd Baechle – pronounced "BECK-lee" – on March 3, 1974, in Omaha, Nebraska) is the lead singer of the band The Faint. He attended Omaha's Westside High School.



Fink was also one of four members of the band Commander Venus, which was started by Conor Oberst in Omaha in 1994, and also included Tim Kasher and Robb Nansel. The band released two albums before it broke up: 1995's Do You Feel at Home? and 1997's Uneventful Vacation. The band released music on Lumberjack Records (later known as Saddle Creek Records) and New York's Wind-up Records.

As lead singer of The Faint, (formerly Norman Bailer), Fink has expanded his musical repertoire from the Commander Venus/Park Ave.-reminiscent Media to the more mature, acid-freak-out records Blank-Wave Arcade and Danse Macabre to the slightly mellowed Wet from Birth. With Fink in The Faint is his brother Clark Baechle on drums; Jacob Thiele on synth; Joel Peterson on bass; and the mysterious "Dapose" on guitar (Dapose joined the band during the recording of Danse Macabre).

In March 2005, he married Orenda Fink (of Azure Ray), subsequently taking her surname as his married name.

In 2007, Fink, Jacob Thiele, and Derek Pressnall (of Tilly and the Wall) started the dance party GOO, but tour schedules and Omaha venue changes shut the party down. [1]

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