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Todd Hollenshead
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Hollenshead at QuakeCon 2007
OccupationCEO/President, id Software (1996-2013); Head of Publishing, Saber Interactive (current)
Spouse(s)Mihaela Plesa

Todd Hollenshead was President and CEO of id Software while the company put out some of the gaming world’s most iconic video game franchises: Doom, Quake, Wolfenstein, and Rage. In addition to his software work, he is also known in the gaming community for his long hair and his role as "MC" at Quakecon, a LAN party and gaming convention in Dallas, Texas.

Hollenshead formerly worked as a tax consultant at Arthur Andersen, later joining id Software in 1996. He stayed on as President of id after it was acquired by ZeniMax in 2009, but left the company in 2013. [1]

In February 2018, Hollenshead took a leadership role at Nerve Software. [2]

In November of 2020, after almost three years at Nerve Software, Todd has taken a position as Head of Publishing at Saber Interactive.

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Kevin Cloud is an American video game artist born in Shreveport, Louisiana in 1965 to a teacher and electrician. He graduated from LSU-Shreveport in 1987 with a degree in Political Science and intended to pursue law school, but married shortly after. He acquired his first full-time job as a computer artist at Softdisk in 1985. He was hired by id Software on March 10, 1992 to work as an assistant artist to lead artist Adrian Carmack, where he remained to work on popular computer games such as Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, and Quake, climbing the ranks of the company. Prior to his career at id, he was employed by Softdisk as an editorial director, where several other id founders worked. During that time he also worked as an illustrator for Softdisk's Commodore 64 disk magazine Loadstar. Cloud was an artist and co-owner of id until the ZeniMax Media merger in 2009, where he now serves as executive producer on the current Doom games.

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Timothée Besset is a French software programmer,, best known for supporting Linux, as well as some Macintosh, ports of id Software's products. He has been involved with the game ports of various id properties over the past ten years, starting with Quake III Arena. Since the development of Doom 3 he was also in charge of the multiplayer network code and various aspects of game coding for id, a role which had him heavily involved in the development of their online game QuakeLive.

id Tech 6 is a multiplatform game engine developed by id Software. It is the successor to id Tech 5 and was first used to create the 2016 video game Doom. Internally, the development team also used the codename id Tech 666 to refer to the engine. The PC version of the engine is based on Vulkan API and OpenGL API.

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Mark A. Rein is a Canadian entrepreneur and the vice president of video game and software development company Epic Games. He is also a co-owner of the NHL's Carolina Hurricanes.


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