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Todd McMullen
Years active1989 – present

Todd McMullen is a Cinematographer who started his career in Hollywood working on films including Casino, The Green Mile and Nurse Betty. As Cinematographer, Todd has applied his distinctive look to acclaimed TV projects such as Friday Night Lights, HBO’s The Newsroom and The Leftovers as well as pilots for Quantico, 12 Monkeys, the Netflix Original Series Santa Clarita Diet, Paramount TV's Waco and Universal's Dirty John.


His first feature film Walking Out was selected in the main Narrative Competition at Sundance 2017 and was also selected as Debut Feature for Cinematography at Camerimage 2017 in Poland. Currently, Todd Is shooting the Los Angeles Times engaging Podcast Dirty John for Universal TV starring Eric Bana and Connie Britton.


Camera operator


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Peter Hannan is an Australian cinematographer who spent the majority of his career in Great Britain.