Todhills Rest Area

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Todhills Rest Area
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Main Service Buildings (Southbound)
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Todhills Rest Area
Location in Cumbria, England
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Todhills Rest Area
Location in City of Carlisle district, Cumbria
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Todhills Rest Area
Location on the UK motorway network
County Cumbria
Road M6
Coordinates: 54°57′05″N2°58′45″W / 54.9513°N 2.9791°W / 54.9513; -2.9791 Coordinates: 54°57′05″N2°58′45″W / 54.9513°N 2.9791°W / 54.9513; -2.9791
Operator Moto Hospitality
Date opened1972–2008 (Southbound (A74)) 1980–2008 (Northbound (A74)) 2008–present (M6)
Website Moto

Todhills Rest Area is a rest area in between Junctions 44 and 45 of the M6 motorway in England. [1] It is the last Services northbound on the M6 and the first southbound. It was first opened in the 1980s on the A74. When the M6 was extended in 2008, it was initially believed that Todhills would need to close so the road could be widened, but this did not prove to be the case, and the widening scheme was completed without having to close the rest area.[ citation needed ]

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