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Todo Noticias
Logo TN 2016.png
Launched June 1, 1993
Owned by Grupo Clarín
Picture format 480i (SDTV)
1080i (HDTV)
SloganTodos Nosotros (All of us)
CountryFlag of Argentina.svg  Argentina
Language Spanish (Rioplatense dialect)
Broadcast area Latin America
Headquarters Buenos Aires, Argentina
President Nestor Kirchner is interviewed in 2007 by Gustavo Sylvestre and Marcelo Bonelli of the news interview program, A Dos Voces. Kirchner A Dos Voces.jpg
President Néstor Kirchner is interviewed in 2007 by Gustavo Sylvestre and Marcelo Bonelli of the news interview program, A Dos Voces.

Todo Noticias (better known as TN) is an Argentine news cable channel. It is owned by the Grupo Clarín and its subsidiary, Artear. TN began broadcasting on Tuesday, June 1, 1993, at 07:00 (10:00 UTC).

Argentina federal republic in South America

Argentina, officially named the Argentine Republic, is a country located mostly in the southern half of South America. Sharing the bulk of the Southern Cone with Chile to the west, the country is also bordered by Bolivia and Paraguay to the north, Brazil to the northeast, Uruguay and the South Atlantic Ocean to the east, and the Drake Passage to the south. With a mainland area of 2,780,400 km2 (1,073,500 sq mi), Argentina is the eighth-largest country in the world, the fourth largest in the Americas, and the largest Spanish-speaking nation. The sovereign state is subdivided into twenty-three provinces and one autonomous city, Buenos Aires, which is the federal capital of the nation as decided by Congress. The provinces and the capital have their own constitutions, but exist under a federal system. Argentina claims sovereignty over part of Antarctica, the Falkland Islands, and South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands.


It also has a news website, ranked as the 20th most visited in Argentina according to Alexa.

News Shows


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Other Shows

Mario Markic is an Argentine journalist and writer. He has written "Cuadernos del camino" and "Patagonia de puño y letra", he also hosts "En el camino" and "La mejor publicidad del mundo", TV shows.


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    En unión y libertad is Argentina's national motto. It appeared for the first time on the earliest Argentine gold and silver coins, as established by the 1813 General Assembly during the War of Independence of the United Provinces of the Río de la Plata from the Spanish Empire. The motto is considered to be a reference to the ideals of French Revolution.

    Nelson Castro (journalist) Argentine Journalist

    Nelson Alberto Castro is an Argentine journalist, doctor and writer. He hosts political debate show "El Juego Limpio" on Todo Noticias (TN), Thursday nights.

    María Esther Buschiazzo (1889-1971) was an Argentine actress.

    Martina Stoessel Argentine actress, model and singer

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    Disappearance of ARA <i>San Juan</i> 2017 disappearance of an Argentine submarine

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    Mau y Ricky is a band composed of Venezuelan brothers Mau and Ricky Montaner. They were nominated for the 2018 Latin Grammy Award for Best New Artist and Song of the Year. The duo first formed as MR in 2011 until 2015.

    Billboard Argentina is an Argentine entertainment media brand owned by Sociedad de Editores ABC1. It publishes pieces involving interviews, analysis of industry trends, shows and releases reviews, news, video, opinion, events, style, and the Billboard Argentina Hot 100 chart, which was launched in October 2018. Billboard Argentina was founded in 2013 as the first hispanic version of Billboard.