Todo O Nada

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Todo O Nada
Studio album by Benny Ibarra
Released May 2001
Recorded 2000
Genre Latin Pop
Label WEA Latina
Benny Ibarra chronology
Todo O Nada
Grandes Exitos: 1992-2002
Singles from Todo O Nada
  1. "Uno"
  2. "Inspiración"
  3. "Todo O Nada"
  4. "Hiéreme"

After a five-year absence Benny Ibarra returned with Todo O Nada. This album features collaborations with Erik Rubin, Alix, Dougie Bowne and musicians from Café Tacuba and Alex González from the Mexican Rock band Maná . The first single, "Uno", was top of the charts for eight weeks, became a gold record in two weeks and later went to Platinum. The second single was "Inspiraciòn", also included in the film soundtrack of same name.

Benny Ibarra Mexican singer

Benito Ibarra de Llano known as Benny Ibarra is a Mexican singer, musician, producer and actor. He was born into a family of artists. His mother, Julissa, was a singer and actress in the 1960s; and his father, Benny, an actor and 1960s rock singer in the Mexican band Los Yaki. His brother, Alejandro Ibarra, is a singer and actor.

Erik Rubín Milanszenko is a Mexican singer and actor. He was a member of the Mexican teen pop group Timbiriche.

Café Tacuba latin rock band from Ciudad Satélite, Mexico

Café Tacuba is a band from Ciudad Satélite, Mexico. The group gained popularity in the early 1990s. They were founded in 1989, before they had the current lineup of Rubén Isaac Albarrán Ortega, Emmanuel del Real Díaz, José Alfredo "Joselo" Rangel Arroyo, and Enrique "Quique" Rangel Arroyo:, their friend Roberto Silva played the keyboards for a short period of time. Mexican folk music player Alejandro Flores is considered the 5th tacubo, as he has played the violin in almost every Café Tacvba concert since 1994. Since the Cuatro Caminos World Tour, Luis "El Children" Ledezma has played the drums in every concert but is not considered an official member of the band.

Track listing

  1. "Uno" ( L: Alix Bauer M: Benny) –
  2. "Hiéreme (L: Ruy García M:Benny, Dougie Borne, Vico Gutiérrez)" –
  3. "Por Tu Amor" (L: Vico M:Benny, Dougie Borne, Vico Gutiérrez ) –
  4. "Vuelo" (L: Ruy García M:Benny, Dougie Borne, Vico Gutiérrez) –
  5. "María" ( L: Benny M: Billy Mendez, Memo Mendez Guiu, Benny)-
  6. "Una Palabra" (L: Ruy García M:Benny, Dougie Borne, Vico Gutiérrez) –
  7. "Todo O Nada" (L: Ruy García M: Benny) –
  8. "Unico" (L: Memo Mendez Guiu M: Memo Mendez Guiu, Benny) –
  9. "Fuego" (L: Ruy García M:Benny, Dougie Borne, Vico Gutiérrez) –
  10. "Aire " (L: Ruy García M:Benny, Dougie Borne, Vico Gutiérrez )–
  11. "Inspiración" (Memo Mendez Guiu) –

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