Todo comenzó en Curanilahue

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Todo comenzó en Curanilahue
Author Felipe Berríos
Original titleTodo comenzó en Curanilahue
Cover artistAsunción Duke
SeriesFelipe Berríos
SubjectReligion, spirituality
PublisherAguilar, El Mercurio
Publication date
ISBN 956-239-428-X
Preceded byPuntadas con hilo 
Followed byOjos Que No Ven 

Todo comenzó en Curanilahue (Everything started in Curanilahue in English) is the fourth book of the Chilean Felipe Berríos. It was published by Editorial Aguilar and El Mercurio in March 2006.


Todo comenzó en Curanilahue is about Curanilahue city and its interaction with the youth of Techo in Chile. [1] In 1997 the first young people begin work to the present. [2] Copyright of book are for the work of the foundation Techo.

Felipe Berrios was chaplain of the NGO Techo, from 1997 to 2010, when in May he travels to Africa. [3]

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