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Todo por dos pesos (written Todo x 2 $) was an Argentinian comic television program. It is led by Fabio Alberti and Diego Capusotto, and scripted by Pedro Saborido, Néstor Montalbano and the two stars. During the program, the hosts used the pseudonyms of Mario and Marcelo, making possible reference to two Argentine television conductors and long-term rivals, Mario Pergolini and Marcelo Tinelli. The name of the program parodies the retailers of low cost, kitschy, imported objects mainly from China.



Its antecedents were shows headed by Alfredo Casero, De la cabeza and Cha Cha Cha. Alberti and Capusotto took part over several seasons. The show attempted absurd humor. Another antecedent was Delicatessen, broadcast by América TV. It included Capusotto and Alberti along with Horacio Fontova and Damián Dreizik.


Sketches were presented "live" from the studio (located in Miami) by the two drivers, who were accompanied by a Chinese secretary (Irene Chong-Lin, born in Hong Kong) nicknamed Sushi Tepanaki, an older man (Alfonso Crispino), who under the pseudonym of Dr. Dyango appeared while dancing ridiculously, a dancing trio called "Los Carlitos Bala", and audience members. As of 2000 the section known as "The musical ranking of Todo por dos pesos" took shape. Throughout that year, 58 songs enriched the program, with artists such as Los 3 locos, which had the highest ranking of that year. The topic with the least turnover was Copetín de Buenos Aires by Jaime Cohen.


The program started on Azul TV in 1999, without much success, and was canceled. Marcelo Stiletano, of the newspaper La Nación described it as a "ferocious vision of cheap TV", in which "disorder, scarcity and improvisation" hide a meticulous work of production with parody objectives. The following year it moved to Channel 7 until its completion in 2002. This freed the show from "the pressure of the rating". Paradoxically, from that season onwards, the program obtained a remarkable success, becoming established as the highest rated offering of the channel in years. In 2001, its success was threatened because Tinelli dedicated that year to satirizing President Fernando de la Rúa in his comic program El Show de Videomatch. During the year's last installment Canal 7 announced that a commemorative plaque would be placed on the door of the studio where the Program was recorded.

Sketches and characters


In 2006, Channel 9 replaced three compilations of the 1999 season in the framework of the 10th anniversary of the producer Ideas del Sur. At the end of 2008 and the beginning of 2009, Channel 7 replaced the 2000 season as part of a series of reruns of comedy programs broadcast by that channel.

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