Todor Tanev

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Todor Aleksandrov Tanev
Тодор Танев
Personal details
Born (1957-10-30) 30 October 1957 (age 65)
Sofia, Bulgaria
Profession Politician, Sociologist, Political Scientist

Todor Aleksandrov Tanev (Bulgarian: Тодор Александров Танев; born 30 October 1957), is a Bulgarian political scientist and sociologist, who served as the Minister of Education and Science as part of the Second Borisov Government until his resignation in February 2016. [1]


Born in Sofia, Tanev graduated from the English language high school in the city in 1976 and subsequently earned a BA in sociology from Sofia University in 1982. He is the holder of two doctoral degrees, both in the field of political science - the first one since 1991 and the second one since 2002. [2] Tanev has made specializations in the United States and the Netherlands as well as lectured in these countries. [3]

Tanev is a member of the citizens' council (Bulgarian: Граждански съвет) of the Reformist Bloc.

On 7 November 2014, he assumed his duties as Minister of Education and Science, succeeding Rumyana Kolarova. [4]

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