Todos Santos Lake

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Todos Santos Lake
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Todos Santos Lake
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Todos Santos Lake
Location Beni Department / Santa Cruz Department
Coordinates 14°3′0″S64°7′30″W / 14.05000°S 64.12500°W / -14.05000; -64.12500 Coordinates: 14°3′0″S64°7′30″W / 14.05000°S 64.12500°W / -14.05000; -64.12500
Basin  countriesBolivia
Surface area4.12 km2 (1.59 sq mi)
Surface elevation193 m (633 ft)
Todos Santos Lake

Todos Santos Lake is a lake in the Beni Department / Santa Cruz Department, Bolivia. At an elevation of 193 m, its surface area is 4.12 km². [1]

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Lake Todos los Santos is a lake located in the Los Lagos Region of southern Chile, 96 km northeast of the regional capital Puerto Montt and 76 km east of Puerto Varas, within the boundaries of the Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park. It has a surface area of 178.5 km² and a maximum depth of 337 m. The Lake's National Park status has ensured protection to its environment. The catchment is largely covered with old-growth Valdivian temperate rain forests. The present form of the lake is the result of glacial and volcanic processes.

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