Todos los días sale el sol

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Todos los días sale el sol
Studio album by
ReleasedSeptember 27, 2010 (2010-09-27)
RecordedApril–June 2010
StudioLa Atlántida Studio in Barcelona, Spain
Label Kasba Music
Bongo Botrako chronology
Todos los días sale el sol
Singles from Todos los días sale el sol
  1. "Todos los días sale el sol"
    Released: June 18, 2010 [6]
  2. "Caminante"
    Released: April 30, 2012 [7]

Todos los días sale el sol (English: The sun rises every day) is the debut studio album by Spanish alternative rock band Bongo Botrako. It was produced by Mario Patiño and lead vocalist Uri Giné, and was released in Spain on September 27, 2010, on Kasba Music. [8] The album features the most notable hit of the band, "Todos los días sale el sol" (also known as "Chipirón"), [9] which peaked at No. 12 on the Spain Songs chart. [10] Todos los días sale el sol was later also released in France, Germany, United Kingdom, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg and Japan. [11]


Track listing

All tracks are written by Uri Giné, [12] except where noted

1."Todos los días sale el sol"2:26
2."Llegará la primavera"2:47
3."Gira la vida"2:49
6."La plaça de la alegría"2:55
9."La mancha" (Nacho Pascual)2:56
10."De bar en bar"3:32
11."Tanto con tan poco"3:21
12."One love"3:32
13."Bastante normal"1:34
Total length:37:50


Credits adapted from the liner notes of Todos los días sale el sol. [12]

Bongo Botrako

Additional musicians



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