Toe Tag (Estonian band)

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Toe Tag
Origin Kalamaja, Tallinn, Estonia
Genres hip hop
Years active1996 (1996)-Current
Labels MFM Records
Legendaarne Records
Associated acts A-Rühm
Members G-Enka
DJ Paul Oja
Past members Revo

Toe Tag is an Estonian hip hop group originally from Kalamaja, Tallinn. It consists of rappers G-Enka (Henry Kõrvits) and DJ Paul Oja. Toe Tag was established in 1996. [1] In August 2011, rapper Revo (Revo Jõgisalu) died from skin cancer.

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Revo was an Estonian rapper. He was one of the founding members of Estonian most influential hip-hop groups Toe Tag and A-Rühm.

Jõgisalu is an Estonian surname meaning "river grove"; a compound of jõgi (river) and salu. The surname Jõgisalu is most commonly found in Lääne County, where 9.17 per 10,000 inhabitants of the county bear the surname.

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