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Birth nameYūsuke Kawai (河合 佑亮)
Also known asDJ Newtown
Born (1990-11-26) 26 November 1990 (age 32)
Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan
Genres Hip hop, house, J-pop
Occupation(s)Singer, record producer, DJ
Years active2008–present
Labels Warner Music Japan
Maltine Records

Yūsuke Kawai (河合 佑亮, Kawai Yūsuke, born 26 November 1990), [1] [2] known professionally as Tofubeats, is a Japanese singer, record producer, and DJ.


Kawai began producing music at the age of 14, under the name "DJ Newtown". He initially distributed his music online through websites such as 2channel and YouTube. He later released music with Maltine Records, a Japanese netlabel, before signing with the Warner Music Japan sublabel Unborde in 2013. [1] [3] Kawai also manages HIHATT, a label he launched in 2018. [4]

The video for his song "No. 1" featuring G.Rina was nominated for an MTV Video Music Award Japan for Best Dance Video (in 2014), [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] and his album titled First Album for the Grand Prix at the 2015 CD Shop Awards. [10] [11] [12] [13]



As Tofubeats

No.Album detailsCharts
1Lost Decade
  • First album
  • Released: 24 April 2013
2 First Album
  • First album on a major label
  • Released: 2 October 2014
3 Positive
  • Second album on a major label
  • Released: 16 September 2015
4 Fantasy Club
  • Third album on a major label
  • Released: 24 May 2017
5 Run
  • Fourth album on a major label
  • Released: 3 October 2018
6 Reflection
  • Fifth album on a major label
  • Released: 18 May 2022

As DJ Newtown

No.Album details
1high-school girl(we loved)
  • Released: 10 January 2009
  • Released: 16 December 2009
3Sweet Days, Sweet Memories
  • Released: 30 March 2011
4S.U.B. Urban
  • Credited as Tofubeats & DJ newtown
  • Released: 10 July 2011
5West Members
  • Released: 16 September 2019


No.Album detailsCharts
1Beats for Rap
  • Released: 28 March 2008
  • Released: 25 July 2011
3Summer Dreams
  • Released: 30 August 2012
4Don't Stop The Music
  • First EP on a major label
  • Released: 13 November 2013
5Disco no Kami-sama (ディスコの神様)
  • Second EP on a major label
  • Released: 30 April 2014
  • Released: 27 March 2020
  • Collab with DJ Q
  • Released 27 January 2023
Remix albums
  1. Lost Decade Remixes (19 September 2013)
  2. First Album Remixes (28 January 2015)
  3. Positive Remixes (20 January 2016)
  4. Fantasy Club Remixes & Instrumentals (27 July 2018)
  5. RUN Remixes (4 September 2020)
  6. Reflection Remixes (3 November 2022)


Music videos

"Her Favorite" feat. Okadada & "Koromogae"
"Oshiete Kensaku" feat. Noko
"Shopping Mall"
"Suisei" feat. Onomatope Daijin Arasounara Ōkan Moyase
"Come On Honey!" feat. Arai Hitomi from Tokyo Girls' Style Shunsuke Sugiyama, Kuroudo Furuya, and Shōta Mori
"poolside" feat. PES (RIP SLYME) Shunsuke Sugiyama, Kuroudo Furuya, and Hiroyuki Ohashi
"No.1" feat. G.Rina Takuya Hosogane and Shunsuke Sugiyama
"Don't Stop The Music" feat. Chisato Moritaka
"Disco no Kamisama" feat. Takashi Fujii
Yuki Mori
"Stakeholder" Shunsuke Sugiyama, Yūya Yamaguchi, and Takuma Miyamoto
"Lonely Nights" Ryoji Kamiyama

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