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Togdheer (Somali)
تُوْجْدَيْر (Arabic)
Gobolka Ragga (The Region of Men)
Togdheer in Somaliland.svg
Location in Somaliland
CountryFlag of Somaliland.svg  Somaliland
Administrative centre Burao
   Governor Mahamed Abdillahi Ibrahim (Hujaale) [1]
  Total30,426 km2 (11,748 sq mi)
  Total900,000 (estimate)
Time zone UTC+3 (EAT)
HDI (2021)0.323 [2]
low · 10th of 18

Togdheer (Somali : Togdheer, Arabic : تُوْجْدَيْر, romanized: Tūjdayr) is an administrative region ( gobol ) in central Somaliland. Togdheer is bordered by Maroodi Jeex to the west, Saaxil to the north, Sanaag to the northeast, Sool to the east and Ethiopia to the south. Its capital is Burao. [3] [4]



Togdheer is bordered by Maroodi Jeex from the west, Sahil to the north, Ethiopia to the south, and Sanaag & Sool to the east. With its capital at Burao (Burco), the region's name is derived from the Togdheer River, which means "Long River" in Somali. The region has an approximate population of 350,000 people. [5]

Under British Somaliland, the Togdheer region was formerly the Burao district which was one of three districts that comprised the Burao region. The other two regions were Las Anod and Erigavo districts. [6] Sanaag was carved out of Togdheer region and was established as a separate region on June 23, 1973, comprising the three districts of Erigavo, Las Qorey and Garadag. [7]

As with much of Somaliland, most local residents in the Togdheer region are nomadic pastoralists. [8]


The Togdheer region consists of the following three districts: [9]

Burao A Burao Regional capital Burao in Togdheer (Somaliland).svg
Oodweyne B Oodweyne Odweyne in Togdheer (Somaliland).svg
Buhoodle B Buhoodle Buhotle in Togdheer (Somaliland).svg
Togdheer location relief map.svg
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Red pog.svg
Red pog.svg
Red pog.svg
Red pog.svg
Red pog.svg
Red pog.svg
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Red pog.svg
Red pog.svg
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Red pog.svg
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Cities, towns, and villages in Togdheer.
Bal=Balanbaal, Blb=Balanbale, Bld=Balidhiig, Bla=Balli Ad, Be=Beer, Bee=Beerato, Bur=Burao, Buu=Buuhoodle, Ca=Cabdi Dheere, Ce=Ceegaag, Da=Dabaqabad, Ge=Gedobeh, Ha=Hahi, Haj=Haji Salah, Ho=Horufadhi, Is=Iskudar, Ja=Jaamac Liibaan, Ki=Kirit, Me=Megagle, Od=Odanleh, Oo=Oodweyne, Qa=Qalloocan, Qe=Qeedi Haan, Qoo=Qoorlugud, Qor=Qoryale, Sh=Shululux, So=Sool Joogto, Wa=Warabeye, Wi=Widhwidh, Yi=Yirowe


It is inhabited by the Habr Yonis, Habr Je'lo, Arap and Issa Musse sub-divisions of Isaaq. The Dhulbahante of the Harti Darod clan is also present in the Buuhoodle district. [10] [11]

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The Dhulbahante is a Somali clan family, part of the Harti clan which itself belongs to the largest Somali clan-family — the Darod. They are the traditional inhabitants of the physiographic Nugaal in its topographic sense, and its pre-independence administrative sense, which included Doollo. The clan's progenitor is buried at Badweyn.

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Buuhoodle, also known as Bohotle, is the second largest city in the Togdheer region and is claimed by both Somalia and Somaliland. It is a prominent border town for movements of goods to and from Somaliland and the Somali Region of Ethiopia. The surrounding district is rich in both livestock and fledgeling agriculture.

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Sahil is an administrative region (gobol) in northern Somaliland with the port city of Berbera as its capital. It was separated from Woqooyi Galbeed and became a province in 1991. In 1998, the Sheikh District of Togdheer was incorporated into Sahil region. The region has a long coastline facing the Gulf of Aden to the north. Sahil borders Awdal to the northwest, Maroodi Jeex to the southwest, Togdheer to the south and Sanaag to the east.

Ruguda, also known as Rakudah is a historic coastal port town located in the Sanaag region of Somaliland, near Heis.

The Musa Abokor is a Somali clan, and a 2 major sub-division of the Habr Je'lo clan of the Isaaq clan-family.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Yirowe</span> Town in Togdheer, Somaliland

Yirowe, also spelt Yerrowa, Yerowa, Yeroweh or Yerowah is a town in the Burao District, located in the Togdheer region of Somaliland. The town is located 20 km east of Burao, the provincial capital of the Togdheer region.

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Cayn or Ayn is an administrative region that Puntland declared to be founded in the 2000s. However, the administrative division of Somaliland defines it as Buhoodle District in Togdheer, and Somaliland effectively controls it with the exception of Buhoodle district and some other parts. It is bordered by Togdheer to the west, Sool to the east, and Ethiopia to the south. Its capital is Buuhoodle. As an intra-46th meridian east territory, Buuhoodle has a tradition of being external to European colonial rule or convention.

SSC or HMB-SSC or HBM-SSC was the name of the self-proclaimed autonomous government of the Dhulbahante clan living between Somaliland and Puntland, which was active from 2009 to around 2012. It claimed possession of the so-called SSC regions of Sool(S), Sanaag(S), and Cayn(C).


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