Together Live

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Together Live
Live album by
Venue The Church on the Way, Van Nuys, California
Genre Contemporary Christian music
LengthApproximately 83 minutes
Label Sparrow
Producer Buck Herring
2nd Chapter of Acts, Michael, Stormie Omartian chronology
Singer Sower
Together Live
Night Light

Together Live is a live album featuring 2nd Chapter of Acts and Michael and Stormie Omartian, released in 1983. It was recorded at The Church on the Way in Van Nuys, California. As with all 2nd Chapter of Acts recordings, it was produced and engineered by Buck Herring. This is the only 2nd Chapter of Acts album that has not been released on CD.


Track listing

From Discogs. [1]

  1. Rejoice – 3:43
  2. I Fall In Love/Change – 5:21
  3. Lightning Flash – 3:00
  4. Bread of Life – 3:11
  5. Come Holy Spirit – 5:36
  6. Easter Song – 0:58
  7. Here I Go – 3:39
  8. Til The Walls Fall Down – 4:19
  9. Nobody Can Take My Life Away – 4:00
  10. Mainstream* – 5:28
  11. See This House* – 3:15
  12. Believing For The Best In You* – 6:13
  13. Dr. Jesus* – 6:33
  14. Praise His Name And See It Happen* – 4:39
  15. Which Way The Wind Blows – 4:30
  16. Killing Thousands – 4:19
  17. Mansion Builder – 6:20
  18. Haven't You Heard – 5:17

All songs marked (*) are performed by Michael & Stormie Omartian. The remainder are performed by 2nd Chapter of Acts.


The recording also features the members of a band called David, though they are not credited by their collective name.

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"Easter Song" is a song written by Annie Herring of the Jesus music group the 2nd Chapter of Acts that tells of Jesus Christ's resurrection and the elation Christians feel about this resurrection on Easter. It was first recorded in 1974 and released on the band's debut album, With Footnotes. It continues to be performed, appearing in church hymnals and Easter songbooks as well as on Wow Gold CD. It has been covered by several other artists, including GLAD and Keith Green.

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