Together Under One Sun

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Together Under One Sun (Macedonian language: Заедно под едно Сонце) was the slogan for celebrating the 20th anniversary[ when? ] of the Independence of the Republic of Macedonia. The Government of Macedonia organized this spectacle.



A military parade, including the Macedonian army, police and special units, passed in front of the Parliament of Macedonia. It was followed by the placement of the declaration of independence of Macedonia in the Macedonian Struggle and the Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization (IMRO) Museum. A small theatrical performance followed, before the president placed the declaration.

Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski opened the biggest monument in the Balkans Warrior on horseback. It was followed by fireworks and performance of Macedonian songs.


There was much criticism from media in other Balkan countries. Only the Greek media was silent for this event.


This was the first celebration of Macedonian Independence that reached an audience of nearly 200 000.

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Nikola Karev Macedonian Bulgarian revolutionary

Nikola Janakiev Karev was a Macedonian Bulgarian revolutionary in Ottoman-ruled Macedonia. He was born in Kırşova and died in the village of Rayçani (Rajčani), both today in North Macedonia. Karev was a local leader of what later became known as the Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization (IMRO). He was also a teacher in the Bulgarian school system in his native area, and a member of the Bulgarian Workers' Social Democratic Party. Today, he is considered a hero in Bulgaria and in North Macedonia.

<i>Dnevnik</i> (Skopje)

Dnevnik was the first private daily newspaper in Macedonia, now known as North Macedonia.

Metodija Andonov-Čento Macedonian statesman (1902–1957)

Metodija Andonov-Čento was a Macedonian statesman, the first president of the Anti-Fascist Assembly of the National Liberation of Macedonia and of the People's Republic of Macedonia in the Federal People's Republic of Yugoslavia after the Second World War. In Bulgaria he is often considered a Bulgarian.

Ethnic Macedonians in Bulgaria

Ethnic Macedonians in Bulgaria are a group in Bulgaria concentrated within Blagoevgrad Province and the capital Sofia. According to the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee in 1998, their number ranged from 15,000 to 25,000. In 2006, per the personal evaluation of a leading local ethnic Macedonian activist Stojko Stojkov, they counted already between 5,000 and 10,000 people. The 1992 census indicated 10,830 Macedonians, but in the 2001 census this figure had decreased to 5,071. However in the 2011 Bulgarian census only 1,654 people declared themselves to be ethnic Macedonians. They are not recognised as an ethnic minority but were recognised as such between 1946 and 1958.

Labuništa Village in Southwestern, North Macedonia

Labuništa is a village in the municipality of Struga, North Macedonia.

Vlatko Ilievski Musical artist

Vlatko Ilievski was a Macedonian pop rock singer and actor. He was the runner-up to be the Macedonian entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 and represented FYR Macedonia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 with the song "Rusinka" in Düsseldorf, Germany. He was previously a member of the rock band "Moral". He was a student of acting at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Skopje, where he graduated in 2010 with the drama "Anger" from Stephen King.

The Brsjak revolt broke out on 14 October 1880 in the Poreče region of the Monastir Vilayet, led by rebels who sought the liberation of Macedonia from the Ottoman Empire. According to Ottoman sources the goal of the revolt was the accession of Macedonia to Bulgaria. The rebels received secret aid from Principality of Serbia, which had earlier been at war with the Ottoman Empire, until Ottoman and Russian diplomatic intervention in 1881. The Ottoman Gendarmerie succeeded in suppressing the rebellion after a year.

Skopje 2014 Macedonian infrastructure

Skopje 2014 was a project financed by the Macedonian government of the then-ruling nationalist party VMRO-DPMNE, with the official purpose of giving the capital Skopje a more classical appeal. The project, officially announced in 2010, consisted mainly of the construction of colleges, museums and government buildings, as well as the erection of monuments depicting historical figures from the region of Macedonia. Around 20 buildings and over 40 monuments were to be constructed as part of the project.

Undercover was a Bulgarian crime drama television series produced by Bulgarian National Television that premiered on BNT 1 on 17 April 2011. On 20 March 2016, the fifth season premiered on BNT 1. It was announced that it was the final season of the series.

Katerina Nurdzhieva 18 October 1922 – 12 October 2018) was a fighter in the Communist resistance in Vardar Macedonia and a Macedonian national activist. She was an honorary citizen of the town Delčevo in the Republic of Macedonia. She considered herself and is known for being a Macedonian. In Bulgaria she is considered a Bulgarian.

Bulgaria–North Macedonia relations Bilateral relations

Bulgaria–North Macedonia relations refers to the bilateral relations between the Republic of Bulgaria and the Republic of North Macedonia. Both countries are members of the Council of Europe, and NATO. Bulgaria is a member of the European Union. North Macedonia has been attempting to join the EU since 2004, while the EU government officially gave its permission to enter accession talks in March 2020. Nevertheless, North Macedonia and Bulgaria have complicated neighborly relations, thus the Bulgarian factor is known in Macedonian politics as "B-complex".

Despot Badžović

Despot S. Badžović was a teacher and an activist of the Serbian national movement in Macedonia. Badžović was also one of the early Macedonists, who developed some kind of pro-Serbian Slav Macedonian identity.


A chardak is an old typical house in the Balkans. It is derived from the word cardak, which is a component of Ottoman Turkish house design. This term, which is also called sofa, denotes an open hall of a house's upper living floor.

Zoran Nikolov is a former Macedonian professional basketball Swingman who played for Žito Vardar, Nemetali Ogražden, Kumanovo, Balkan Steel, KB Peja and Teteks.

Den was a short lived national daily newspaper in North Macedonia with its headquarters in Skopje. It was founded in March 2012, and ceased to exist in 2013. 2017 onwards, Den exists online, at the website

The Left (North Macedonia) Political party in North Macedonia (established in 2015)

The Left is a political party in North Macedonia founded on 14 November 2015. Led by Dimitar Apasiev, a Docent of Law at the Goce Delčev University of Štip, the party is anti-NATO and promotes anti-clericalism, anti-fascism, anti-imperialism, and socialism, sitting on the left wing of the political spectrum.

Law for the Protection of Macedonian National Honour

The Law for the Protection of Macedonian National Honour was a statute passed by the government of the Socialist Republic of Macedonia at the end of 1944. The Presidium of Anti-fascist Assembly for the National Liberation of Macedonia (ASNOM) established a special court for the implementation of this law, which came into effect on January 3, 1945. This decision was taken at the second session of this assembly on 28–31 December 1944.