Together With Me

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Together With Me
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GenreRomance, comedy, BL, drama
StarringPakorn Thanasrivanitchai
Nattapol Diloknawarit
Pimnitchakun Bumrungkit
Satida Pinsinchai
Tantimaporn Supawit
Apiwat Porsche
Country of originThailand
Original languageThai
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes13
Running time50 minutes
Production company TV Thunder
Original networkLINE TV
Original releaseAugust 24 (2017-08-24) 
October 5, 2017 (2017-10-05) [1]
Followed by Bad Romance: The Series
Together with Me: The Next Chapter

Together With Me (Thai : อกหักมารักกับผม) is a 2017 Thai BL (Boys' Love) drama aired on LINE TV. It was broadcast on Wednesdays and Thursdays starting from August 24, 2017 to October 5, 2017.


It contains a total of 13 episodes with an average span of 50 minutes each. This story takes place before the events of Bad Romance: The Series. [2] It focuses on Korn and Knock and how they met and all the obstacles they had to go through before they officially became a couple. There are 3 main couples in the series: Korn & Knock, Farm & Bright, Phubet & Kavitra.

In early 2018 it was announced that there would be a sequel titled "Together with Me: The Next Chapter" which will follow Korn & Knock's relationship after Bad Romance: The Series. The official release date is September 28, 2018.


One day at Amphawa, Knock, a young engineering student, wakes up to a shock: he is naked next to his childhood best friend, Korn, due to drunkenness and hormones. After fighting and arguing, Korn and Knock agree to keep this as a secret. Korn's other best friend, Yiwha, takes matters into her own hands, and tries to expose Knock's girlfriend, Plern Pleng. During the span of this series, Korn and Knock fight a lot, but also have a lot of sweet moments together, and in the end they both confess to each other and start dating.



The series has spawned 3 singles:

Below are music that were used in the television series:

"Manipulator"David Felton, Steven Alexander Young, Sample MagicDubstep & Grime
"Darkened Path"David Felton, Steven Alexander Young, Sample MagicDubstep & Grime
"Flights of Fancy"Paul ReevesWindows On Life (Original Soundtrack)
"Tequila Cooler"Clifford Eric Haywood, Thomas Garrad-ColeFeelgood Light Pop 3
"Too Cruel for School"Daniel Carl Holter, Tony J. Olla, William Kyle White, Michael Robert WisthNew Wave Indie
"Top of the World"Rob RewesAcoustic Pop
"Cloud 9"Robert WhiteEvolutions (Original Soundtrack)
"Thirsty Work"Alistair Bruce Henry Friend, Ted Brett BarnesEmotive Acoustic (Original Soundtrack)
"Unfolding Events"Todd J. C Baker, Zac JordanDrama Tension Beds (Original Soundtrack)
"Respite"Alistair Bruce Henry Friend, Ted Brett BarnesEmotive Acoustic (Original Soundtrack)
"Towards the Sun"Alexander Gray, Robert WhiteMelody Heads
"The Tiptoes Two-step"Richard MyhillThings People Do (Original Soundtrack)
"On My Way"Clifford Eric HaywoodJourney Home
"Circuit Breaker"Colin Anthony Flynn, Sample Magic, David FeltonDirty Electro
"Early Morning"John Christopher WilliamsPure Acoustic (Original Soundtrack)
"Towards the Stars"Dan Cassady, Dylan ParsonsCinematic Indie Drama (Original Soundtrack)
"The Violin Lesson"Paul ReevesOddities
"Kooky Cat"Paul ReevesVintage Dramedy Noir (Original Soundtrack)
"Hopes and Dreams"Clifford Eric HaywoodModern Solo Piano (Original Soundtrack)
"Follow That Car"Paul ReevesUmpteen Oddities
"A World of Wonder"Paul ReevesLife In Motion (Original Soundtrack)
"Feeling Mischievous"Paul ReevesVintage Dramedy Noir (Original Soundtrack)
"Solos"Sergio Gonzalez RosasPop Alterlatino
"Beating Heart"Brett Carr Boyett, Timothy Stephen PierceCinematic Indie
"Electric Wonderland"Paul J. BorgStyle And Fashion (Original Soundtrack)
"Memories in Sepia"Michael PriceHuman Stories (Original Soundtrack)
"It Could Only Be U"Camrin BrownEssential R&B
"Pinky Poinky"Paul ReevesUmpteen Oddities
"Charlotte Street Strut"Paul ReevesUmpteen Oddities
"Desert Wanderer"Dan Cassady, Dylan ParsonsCinematic Indie Drama (Original Soundtrack)
"Blood Sweat Tears"Danny J. Grace, David S. JacksonAnarchy
"Softly Does It"Paul ReevesUmpteen Oddities
"Barefoot in the Park"Stefan MelzakOne Liners 2 (Original Soundtrack)
"Funtime Sunshine"Rob RewesIndie Rock Promos
"Pictures of Summer"Patrick Thomas HawesMoments In Time (Original Soundtrack)
"Hero Business"Richard JacquesHeroville (Original Soundtrack)
"Fond Memories"Alexander Paul Rudd, Zach LemmonLife In Colour
"She's Got to Have Her Way"Alistair Bruce Henry Friend, Ted Brett BarnesThe Skiffle Sessions
"Before Dawn"Clifford Eric HaywoodDrama and Intrigue (Original Soundtrack)
"Chilling Walk"Paul ReevesVintage Dramedy Noir (Original Soundtrack)
"Caring and Sharing"Steve BakerLiving Life (Original Soundtrack)
"Barra grande"Magno VitoNa Praia
"First Person"Clifford Eric HaywoodModern Solo Piano (Original Soundtrack)
"Hidden in the Closet"Paul ReevesVintage Dramedy Noir (Original Soundtrack)
"Enlighten"Richard Allen HarveyThe Piano Book
"Unforgettable"Christopher C. Porter, Richard Phillip CrakerLive Life Young
"Hometown Chicago"Giovanni Antonio Parricelli, Stanley Ernest SulzmannSixties Groove Jazz (Original Soundtrack)
"Ripples of Warm"Robert White, Alexander Stephen GrayPicture Friendly (Original Soundtrack)
"Easy Steps"Paul ReevesOne Liners 2 (Original Soundtrack)
"Making Steps"Alistair Bruce Henry Friend, Ted Brett BarnesAcoustic & Quirky 2 (Original Soundtrack)
"Rhythm Injection"Sandy McLellandMotion (Original Soundtrack)
"Grinroller"Sandy McLellandMotion (Original Soundtrack)
"Borne on the Wind"Cyrus ShahradWindows On Life (Original Soundtrack)
"What a Carry On"Paul ReevesOddities
"Sprightly Sight"Paul ReevesVintage Dramedy Noir (Original Soundtrack)
"Air-Flairs"Diogo Do SantosTrashy Electro House
"No volver"Sergio Gonzalez RosasPop Alterlatino
"Let it Rain"Philip HochstrateElectro Indie Alternative
"Are U In?"Tyler Van Den BergElectropop Deluxe
"Tango on the Terrace"Paul ReevesQuirky Vintage (Original Soundtrack)
"Love in the Air"Frank ChacksfieldMood For Love (Original Soundtrack)
"Hand in Hand"Tony OsborneMood For Love (Original Soundtrack)
"Evening Hymn"Patrick Thomas HawesPiano Moods (Original Soundtrack)
"Pressure Point"Mike MacLennanEpic Cinematic Trailers 2
"Time Out Times"Clive Michael Oliver Carroll, Robert John FosterTime Out Guitars (Original Soundtrack)
"Departure Point"Robert WhiteSkyline Freeway (Original Soundtrack)
"Feeling the Heat"Todd J. C Baker, Zac JordanDrama Tension Beds (Original Soundtrack)
"Sketchbook"Clifford Eric HaywoodModern Solo Piano (Original Soundtrack)
"Lovers Stroll"Cy MillerRomantic Rendezvous (Original Soundtrack)
"Methodology"David Hodson Lowe, Will SlaterBeds And Backgrounds (Original Soundtrack)
"De punta y taco"Javier E. FioramontiMatices de Tango
"Trying to Control"David Edward Bloor, Scott JamesTwisted Urban Drama
"Still"Andrew Nicholas Love, John Paul JonesMade In Nashville
"Head on My Pillow"Alistair Bruce Henry FriendCarefree Acoustic
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"Line Up Your Ducks"Jay PriceAcoustic Carnival (Original Soundtrack)
"Strolling With Style"Paul ReevesVintage Dramedy Noir (Original Soundtrack)
"Lujuria de Tango"Paul J. Borg, Toby BakerStyle And Fashion (Original Soundtrack)
"New Road Travelled"Alistair Bruce Henry Friend, Ted Brett BarnesEmotive Acoustic (Original Soundtrack)
"Algún día le diré"Enrique Carbajal, Rene Byron BrizuelaSonido Norteño
"Hotty Chase"Paul ReevesVintage Dramedy Noir (Original Soundtrack)
"Memories of You"Ray MartinMood For Love (Original Soundtrack)
"Headspin"Sandy McLellandMotion (Original Soundtrack)
"Love Is"Deep SoundsLate Night Vocals
"The Right Path"Thomas GreenbergAge Of Innocence (Original Soundtrack)
"Carancheando"Javier E. FioramontiMatices de Tango
"Waiting for You"John Christopher WilliamsPure Acoustic (Original Soundtrack)
"Designs for Living"Robert John FosterDeeper Minimal (Original Soundtrack)
"Still Life"Clifford Eric HaywoodModern Solo Piano (Original Soundtrack)
"Ocean Blue"Clifford Eric Haywood, Thomas Garrad-ColeFeelgood Light Pop 2
"The Hit Man"Johnny BernsteinMurder Files (Original Soundtrack)
"Night Watchman"Martin Tillmann, Tom VedvikCinematic Atmospheres (Original Soundtrack)
"Imminent Danger"Martin Tillmann, Tom VedvikCinematic Atmospheres (Original Soundtrack)
"Sad Memories"Michael PriceHuman Stories (Original Soundtrack)
"Thoughts for a King"Alistair Bruce Henry Friend, Ted Brett BarnesEmotive Acoustic (Original Soundtrack)
"Summer Setting"Ray DennyJazz After Dark (Original Soundtrack)
"Deeper Love"Huw WilliamsDeep House
"Identity Unknown"Jay PriceThe Hustle And Con (Original Soundtrack)
"Lily's Progress"Alistair Bruce Henry Friend, Ted Brett BarnesEmotive Acoustic (Original Soundtrack)
"Fun Stuff"Curtis Frederick Schwartz, Yuri Goloubev, James Thomas MaddrenGroove Factory
"Golden Sands"Tom PlayerBig Chill 2 Volume 1.
"Sunday Brunch in Ireland"MariaSunday Brunch Lounge, Vol. 1 (Mix of Finest Lounge, Smooth Jazz and Chill Music for Sunday Mornings)
"Enchantment"Clifford Eric HaywoodModern Solo Piano (Original Soundtrack)
"Rodeo Drive"Clifford Eric Haywood, Thomas Garrad-ColeFeelgood Light Pop 2
"A Worrying Uncertainty"Zac JordanDrama Tension Beds (Original Soundtrack)
"Brief Encounter"Clifford Eric HaywoodPiano Evolutions (Original Soundtrack)
"I Wonder"Andy ClarkA Curious Mind (Original Soundtrack)
"Detroit Dynamite"Jared Nathan Sweetman, Paul J. BorgIndie Rock And Pop 2
"Full Moon Waltz"Bill ConnorWireless (Original Soundtrack)
"El amor de Carmelo"Andres Emilio Mira-Olarte, Mauricio Andres Byfield-SanchezGozadera Tropical
"Waiting Games"Matthew James Robertson, Tom Howe, Mike ReedUnder Pressure (Original Soundtrack)
"The Working Man"Laurence Love Greed, Michael PriceHuman Stories (Original Soundtrack)
"Lucky Streak"Cyril John PayneCandy Pop (Original Soundtrack)
"Glory Be"Matthew CangRefresh (Original Soundtrack)

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