Together for Šumadija

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Together for Šumadija
Заједно за Шумадијy
Zajedno za Šumadiju
Leader Veroljub Stevanović
FoundedMay 2, 2009 (2009-05-02) (First time); February 20, 2015 (2015-02-20) (Second time)
Preceded byTogether for Kragujevac
Merged into United Regions of Serbia (2013–2015); Healthy Serbia (2020)
Headquarters Kragujevac
Ideology Liberal conservatism
Political position Centre-right
National affiliation NADA
National Assembly
0 / 250

Together for Šumadija (Serbian : Заједно за Шумадијy / Zajedno za Šumadiju) is a minor liberal-conservative political party in Serbia. Founded on May 2, 2009 by the Together for Kragujevac movement and by a series of citizen advocacy groups and political parties in Šumadija (Central Serbia). The party's primary goals are decentralization, equal regional development and Euro-Atlantic integration of Serbia. [1] The party leader Veroljub Stevanović was former mayor of Kragujevac. [2]


The party merged into the United Regions of Serbia on 10 June 2013. However, Veroljub Stevanović announced his plan to revive the party in late 2014, and the necessary signatures were collected by 20 February 2015. [3] [4]

Members of the Board

Together for Sumadija congress 1.Together for Kragujevac.JPG
Together for Šumadija congress


Electoral history

Parliamentary elections

YearPopular vote % of popular vote# of seatsSeat changeCoalitionStatus
2009 Restructured from ZZK [a]
2 / 250
Increase2.svg 2gov't support
2012 215,6665.51%
3 / 250
Increase2.svg 1 URS gov′t support 2012–2013
opposition 2013–2014
2014 109,1673.04%
0 / 250
Decrease2.svg 3 URS non-parliamentary
2016 227,5896.02%
1 / 250
Increase2.svg 1With DS-Nova-ZZS-DSHV opposition
2020 33,4351.04%
0 / 250
Decrease2.svg 1With ZS-BS non-parliamentary
0 / 250

a Restructured from Together for Kragujevac movement, who was in the pre-election alliance with G17 Plus and appeared on the For a European Serbia electoral list, winning 2 parliamentary mandates.

Presidential elections

President of Serbia
Election year#Candidate1st round votes %2nd round votes %Notes
2012 5th Zoran Stanković 257,0546.58 URS
2017 Increase2.svg 4th Vuk Jeremić 206,6765.66Independent candidate; support
2022 Miloš Jovanović NADA

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