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Andres Solomon (November 30, 1905 – November 3, 1952), better known by his stage name Togo, was a Filipino actor, comedian and vaudevillian, famous as one half of the comedy team Pugo and Togo during the 1930s to 1950s until his death, which he was being replaced by Bentot from 1952. [1] [2] [3]


As an actor, Solomon performed in movies such as Kambal Tuko, released in 1952, in which he portrayed Popoy, Death March (1946), and Arimunding-Munding (1938).


Solomon died of a heart attack on November 3, 1952, during the filming of Dalawang Sundalong Kanin, 27 days before his 47th birthday.


Following Togo's death, LVN Pictures produced a short film on the life and death of the comedian and showed it as an added featurette of the movie. Pugo & his fellow on screen comedian partner Togo were both posthumously featured on the YouTube channel Graveyard Pinoy TV, a Filipino inspired version of Graveyard Hollywood TV of California was launched in 2020.

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Comedy in the Philippines has had a significant presence in Philippine culture for as long as Filipinos have had mediums of entertainment, and has transformed to reflect changing Filipino life.

Pugo and Togo were a Filipino comedy team in Philippine movies during the 1940s up to the 1950s. Composed of Mariano Contreras (1910–1978) and Andres Solomon (1905–1952), their brand of humor consisted of short skits, slapstick, and funny dialogues presented in Manila's theaters, most particularly Clover Theater and Avenue Theater. Mariano Contreras starred as Pugo, while Solomon portrayed Togo. They were both bald headed.

Mariano Contreras, better known by his stage name Pugo, was a Filipino actor, comedian, vaudevillian, and film director, famous as one half of the comedy team Pugo and Tugo during the 1930s up to 1950s. He has sometimes been credited as Mang Nano and was known as the original King of Philippine Comedy.


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