Togo Igawa

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Togo Igawa
Yoshiyuki Baba

Years active1969–present
SpouseAdrienne Baba

Yoshiyuki Baba (馬場 義之, Baba Yoshiyuki), known professionally as Togo Igawa (伊川 東吾, Igawa Tōgo), is a Japanese character actor who works primarily in British theatre, films and television.



In recent years, he has had roles in major films such as Revolver , Memoirs of a Geisha , The Last Samurai , and A Matter of Size .

Additionally, Igawa provides the voices of Professor Moshimo in Robotboy , and Hiro in the Thomas & Friends franchise starting with 2009's Hero of the Rails . Besides these, he also appears in 2011's Johnny English Reborn , the sequel to Johnny English , as English's Tibetan guru and is in the 2012 film Gambit playing businessman Takagawa.

His television roles have included appearances in Lovejoy , Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters , The IT Crowd , Torchwood , Casualty , Archer , Doctor Who and The Crown .

Igawa voiced the main villain Colonel Lee in the video game Crysis Warhead and the Yakuza character Jiro in the 2013 video game Payday 2 .

Personal life

Igawa lives in England with his wife Adrienne Baba. He became the first Japanese member of The Royal Shakespeare Company in 1986. [1]




Video games

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