Togo National Museum

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Togo National Museum
Musée National du Togo
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Togo National Museum
Location Lomé, Maritime, Togo
Coordinates 6°07′49″N1°13′03″E / 6.1304°N 1.2174°E / 6.1304; 1.2174
Type Museum

Togo National Museum (French : Musée national du Togo) is the national museum of Togo. It is located in the capital of Lomé.

Founded in 1975, it presents cultural and historical exhibits. [1]

The museum showcases artifacts dating back to thousands of years, including musical instruments such as the Xalam, baskets decorated with shells and calabashes used to preserve food and water, clay pots, wood carvings, clothes, metalwork, and tobacco pipes. [2]

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