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Toheart at the 2014 Hong Kong Dome Festival.jpg
Toheart at the Hong Kong Dome Festival in 2014
Background information
Origin Seoul, South Korea
Years active2014 (2014)

Toheart (Korean : 투하트; RR : Tuhateu, commonly stylized as ToHeart) was a South Korean duo formed by Woohyun from Infinite and Key from Shinee in 2014. It was a collaboration between SM Entertainment and Woollim Entertainment. [1]



"At first, we were going to go with names like "Woohyun and Key" or "Key and Woohyun", but it felt like a once in a lifetime thing. We made another name to represent that we'll continue to work as a team in the future and put out good music."

–Member Woohyun discussing the group's name. [2]

On February 20, 2014 S.M. Entertainment released a teaser announcing Toheart, a special unit duo consisting of Woohyun of Infinite and Key of Shinee. [3] The release was followed by a second prologue teaser which was released on February 27. [4] After the release of a music video teaser on March 4, 2014 [5] and a track preview video a few days later, [6] Toheart debuted with the mini album Delicious and the music video for the title track was released on March 10. [7] On the same day, the duo held their first showcase in the Coex Artium, hosted by bandmates Minho and Sungkyu. [8] [9] Jeff Benjamin from Billboard praised the duo's vocals, and also the choreography and on-screen charisma. [10]

Both Woohyun and Key stated that it was their idea to create this unit, since both are friends and they had interest in working with each other. They didn't expect to do a singing collaboration project, instead thinking of photoshoots and similar. [2] [11] On April 7, 2014, the duo followed up their promotions with "Tell Me Why" featuring Infinite Sungyeol’s little brother, Lee Dae-yeol as well as actress Mun Ka-young. [12] The song was requested most by fans and was produced by Sweetune. It tells the story about a man’s unwillingness to let a lover go. [13]


Extended plays

List of extended plays, with selected details, chart positions and sales
TitleDetailsPeak chart positionsSales

1st Mini Album125118
  • KOR: 74,242 [18]
  • JPN: 6,216


List of singles, with selected chart positions, showing year released, sales and album name
TitleYearPeak chart

"Delicious"20149171st Mini Album
"Tell Me Why"23
"—" denotes releases that did not chart or were not released in that region.

Other charted songs

List of other charted songs, with selected chart positions, showing year released, sales and album name
"You're My Lady"2014341st Mini Album
"Maze" (미로 (迷路))50
"Departure" (출발)51

Music videos

Music videoYear
"Delicious (Performance Version)"
"Tell Me Why"

Awards and nominations

SBS MTV Best of the Best

YearNominee / workAwardResult
2014"Delicious"Best Male MVNominated

Golden Disk Awards

YearNominee / workAwardResult
2015ToheartPopularity Award [24] Won

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