Tohoku Gakuin University

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Tohoku Gakuin University
The Main Gate and the Main Building (Tsuchitoi Campus)
MottoLife Light Love
Type Private
EstablishedFounded 1886,
Chartered 1949
President Nozomu Hoshimiya
Undergraduates 12,414 (2007)
Postgraduates 242 (2007)
Location, ,
Campus Urban

Tohoku Gakuin University (東北学院大学, Tōhoku Gakuin Daigaku) is a private university in Sendai, Japan. It was founded under a Christian background (specifically the German Reformed Church, which later was known as the Reformed Church in the United States. A large part of the Reformed Church in the United States subsequently merged into what is today known as the United Church of Christ in the United States).


Times Higher Education places Tohoku Gakuin University in the 150+ bracket in its ranking of Japan's 200 best universities. [1]


Masayoshi Oshikawa, cofounder of the University Reverend Masayoshi Oshikawa.jpg
Masayoshi Oshikawa, cofounder of the University
William Edwin Hoy, cofounder of the University William E(dwin) Hoy.jpg
William Edwin Hoy, cofounder of the University
Seminarians in Sendai, 1888; Schneder is fourth from left Seminarians in Sendai, 1888.jpg
Seminarians in Sendai, 1888; Schneder is fourth from left

The university was founded in 1886 (Meiji 19) as Sendai Theological Seminary by Oshikawa Masayoshi(1850–1928), one of Japan's first Protestants, and Protestant missionary William Edwin Hoy. [2] [3] Oshikawa, an ex-samurai in Matsuyama became the seminary's first president. In 1891, the school was renamed Tohoku Gakuin (東北學院, Tōhoku gakuin) and a course for non-Christian students was added.

The first president Oshikawa resigned in 1901 and was succeeded by David Bowman Schneder (1857–1938). In 1904, college courses were added and authorized by the Specialized School Order. The college at first had two Departments: Letters, Theology. In 1918, Normal School and the Department of Commerce were added. In 1926, the main building (still used today) was built in Tsuchitoi Campus. Schneder left the college due to age, but even in his last days he had strong faith and gave the sermon titled "I am not ashamed of the gospel" (1936, the 50th anniversary of the school).

During World War II, the college was virtually forced to stop functioning and Tohoku Gakuin College of Aeronautical Engineering (東北學院航空工業專門學校, Tōhoku gakuin kōkū kōgyō senmon gakkō) was established instead (1944–1947).

After the war, the college was reorganized (under Japan's new educational system) into Tohoku Gakuin University in 1949.

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William Edwin Hoy

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David Bowman Schneder

David Bowman Schneder was an American missionary educator in Japan.

Masayoshi Oshikawa Japanese Christian evangelist (1850–1928)

Masayoshi Oshikawa was a Japanese evangelist, political activist and founder and first president of Tohoku Gakuin University.


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