Toilet Böys

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Toilet Böys
Origin New York City, United States
Genres Punk rock, hard rock, glam rock
Years active1995–2003, 2010 2019-Present
Roadrunner Records
Masterplan Entertainment
Hall of Records
Ozit/Morpheus Records
Coldfront Records
Lookout! Records
Devil Doll Records
Cargo Records
Dead City Records
MembersMiss Guy
Sean Pierce
Adam Vomit
Electric Eddie
Past membersPaul Rocks
Jimmy Grillo
Oliver Miller
Mike Rubio
Website www.toiletbö (former site)
Official MySpace page

Toilet Böys are an American rock and roll band from New York City, United States. The band's original line-up is made up of Miss Guy, Sean Pierce, Electric Eddie, Rocket, and Adam Vomit. Toilet Böys have toured world-wide supporting musical acts such as Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nashville Pussy, [1] Orgy, [2] The Damned, Dee Dee Ramone and Debbie Harry. They were known for a highly energetic stage show that included spark-showers, smoke, lasers, strobes, synchronized flame-columns, cheerleaders, confetti cannons, burning guitars and fire breathing performed by lead guitarist Sean during the finale.


An album of unreleased material, demos, and remixes titled Sex Music was released in 2007. [3]

Toilet Böys reunited and played on June 14, 2010 at Le Poisson Rouge in New York City. [4] Most of the band is back including Miss Guy, Sean, Eddie and Adam with the addition of Shane on guitar. [5] They played the Azkena Rock festival in Spain in June 2010. [6]


The Toilet Böys formed in 1995 and their first show was as opening act for Debbie Harry, who performed with her own band at the rock club Don Hill's in New York City. [7] They were not formed as a backing band for Deborah Harry as has been published and believed.

Toilet Böys lead singer Miss Guy (who was house-DJ at the club) [2] formed the band to fulfill a dream of playing a show with Harry, one of his idols, just for one night. He put together a band specifically for this occasion, and it was only intended to be a one-time performance. The response was overwhelmingly positive, with the result being the booking of Toilet Böys for several additional gigs. Within a year and a half, the Toilet Böys line-up had solidified. [8]

After their break up in 2003, Sean and Rocket formed the group Afterparty. Sean, under the name Chopper, [9] performed his normal guitar duties as well as being the band's lead singer.

The band announces a temporary reunion in 2016 and releases a two-part compilation "Rock 'n Roll Whores: The Best of Toilet Boys, Vol. 1" and "Nothing to Lose: The Best of Toilet Boys, Vol. 2". And also a new single with Boy George "The Last Breath of the World's Greatest Rock & Roll Love Affair" [10]


Year of releaseTitleRecord LabelNotes
1996 Toilet Böys Squeezebox Records
1997 Mail Itch/Dream Action Hypurrr Records
1998 Living Like a Millionaire RAFR Records
1998 Go To Hell Devil Doll Records b/w "Hard", "Be A Man"
1999 Sinners and Saints Coldfront Records
1999 You Got It Lookout! Records Split single with
the Donnas
1999 Broken Home Devil Doll Records b/w "Shine On", "Baby's Wrong"
1999 Come and Get It Cargo Records
2000 Space Truckin/Slow Dancing Coldfront records 7" split with American Heartbreak
2001 Toilet Böys Masterplan Entertainment
2003 Live In LondonOzit/Morpheus Records
2004 The Early YearsOzit/Morpheus Records
2007 Sex Music Dead City Records
2012 Dumb BlondeGuy solo EP

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