Toivo Pohjala

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Toivo Pohjala
Toivo Pohjala ja Tuomo Makela.jpg
Toivo Pohjala (left) and harness racing driver Tuomo Mäkelä with two Orlov mares
Born(1888-02-01)1 February 1888
Nakkila, Finland
Died23 August 1969(1969-08-23) (aged 81)
Helsinki, Finland

Toivo Pohjala (1 February 1888 23 August 1969) was a Finnish wrestler and harness racing driver.



Pohjala competed at the 1924 Summer Olympics, where he placed 7th in freestyle heavyweight event. [1] He won a bronze medal in the heavyweight class at the 1922 World Wrestling Championships. [2]

Harness racing

As a harness racer Pohjala won two Racing King titles with his Finnhorse stallion "Lohdutus" in 1938 Vyborg and 1939 Turku. [3] He was also the president of Finnish Trotting Association from 1955 to 1962.


His son Toivo T. Pohjala (1931–2018) was a former member of Finnish Parliament who served as the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry in 1987–1991. [4]

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