Toivo Sukari

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Toivo Sukari
Toivo Ilmo Kalevi Sukari

(1954-04-08) 8 April 1954 (age 69)
Mynämäki , Finland
Other namesTopi Sukari
Eeva Sukari
(m. 1977;div. 2009)

Nadja Eerola
(m. 2019)

Toivo "Topi" Ilmo Kalevi Sukari (born April 8, 1954) is a Finnish businessman. Born in Mynämäki , he is the founder and largest shareholder of Maskun Kalustetalo  [ fi ] and Ideapark . Sukari also owns the shopping mall chain stores Masku Koti and Sukarin Lomarakennus . He comes from a Laestadian family, [1] and he has seven siblings. His father was a small-time farmer and entrepreneur. Sukari has five children with his ex-wife Eeva. [2]

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