Tokimeki Tonight

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  • Volume 2, ISBN   4-08-853257-0
  • Volume 3, ISBN   4-08-853271-6
  • Volume 4, ISBN   4-08-853281-3
  • Volume 5, ISBN   4-08-853292-9
  • Volume 6, ISBN   4-08-853304-6
  • Volume 7, ISBN   4-08-853313-5
  • Volume 8, ISBN   4-08-853325-9
  • Volume 9, ISBN   4-08-853337-2
  • Volume 10, ISBN   4-08-853352-6
  • Volume 11, ISBN   4-08-853364-X
  • Volume 12, ISBN   4-08-853376-3
  • Volume 13, ISBN   4-08-853388-7
  • Volume 14, ISBN   4-08-853400-X
  • Volume 15, ISBN   4-08-853410-7
  • Volume 16, ISBN   4-08-853436-0
  • Volume 17, ISBN   4-08-853453-0
  • Volume 18, ISBN   4-08-853474-3
  • Volume 19, ISBN   4-08-853489-1
  • Volume 20, ISBN   4-08-853506-5
  • Volume 21, ISBN   4-08-853523-5
  • Volume 22, ISBN   4-08-853540-5
  • Volume 23, ISBN   4-08-853598-7
  • Volume 24, ISBN   4-08-853618-5
  • Volume 25, ISBN   4-08-853632-0
  • Volume 26, ISBN   4-08-853654-1
  • Volume 27, ISBN   4-08-853686-X
  • Volume 28, ISBN   4-08-853720-3
  • Volume 29, ISBN   4-08-853747-5
  • Volume 30, ISBN   4-08-853775-0
  • Tokimeki Tonight
    Cover of the 25th tankōbon volume, featuring Ranze Etou
    (Tokimeki Tunaito)
    Genre Romantic comedy, supernatural [1]

    Tokimeki Midnight

    In 2002, a second manga series called Tokimeki Midnight (ときめきミッドナイト, "Exciting Midnight"), also by Koi Ikeno, began serialization in Shueisha's magazine Cookie . The manga is an alternate retelling where the roles are reverse. The series completed in 2009 at nine volumes.

    Tokimeki Tonight Sorekara

    On May 26, 2021, a sequel, Tokimeki Tonight Sorekara (ときめきトゥナイト それから, "Exciting Tonight and Then"), which takes place after the third arc where Ranze and Makabe's daughter Aira saves the world from crisis and centers on the lead protagonist Ranze as her 40s, began serialization in Cookie magazine starting from July 2021 issue. [4] [5]


    A 34-episode anime television series adaptation, directed by Hiroshi Sasagawa and produced by Group TAC and Toho, aired in Japan between October 7, 1982 and September 22, 1983 on Nippon TV. Its opening theme is "Tokimeki Tonight" and its ending theme is "Super Love Lotion". Since Group TAC closed its doors as a studio, Toho has been the sole rights-holder of the series.

    Episode list

    1. Ranze Eto's Secret (October 7, 1982)
    2. Door to The Demon World (October 14, 1982)
    3. Bathroom Crisis (October 21, 1982)
    4. A Small Friendship (October 28, 1982)
    5. Ranze goes to the Demon World (November 4, 1982)
    6. Foggy Night Romance (November 11, 1982)
    7. Beware the Cultural Festival (November 18, 1982)
    8. Love, Camera, Action (November 25, 1982)
    9. Tamasaburo's Love (December 2, 1982)
    10. The Invisible Girl, Miel (December 9, 1982)
    11. Birthday of the Full Moon (December 16, 1982)
    12. Eh?? Ranze's Wish (December 23, 1982)
    13. White Sweethearts (January 6, 1983)
    14. I saw it!! Ranze is a Tanuki! (January 13, 1983)
    15. Sorry for the Nudity (January 20, 1983)
    16. Love of The Young Runner (January 27, 1983)
    17. Fickle Magic Teacher (February 3, 1983)
    18. Title Match of Love (February 10, 1983)
    19. The Sentimental Giant (February 17, 1983)
    20. Chaos! Too many Ranzes! (February 24, 1983)
    21. Love Letter from E.T. (March 3, 1983)
    22. Panic! Pajama Game (March 10, 1983)
    23. Sand's Love Story (March 17, 1983)
    24. Ardent Love! Great War in the Demon World (March 24, 1983)
    25. The Transformation is seen! Shun must die (March 31, 1983)
    26. Execution Battleship! Space Wars (April 28, 1983)
    27. Clash! Rocky VS Shun (May 5, 1983)
    28. Stretching Angel, Hunter of Love (May 19, 1983)
    29. Shock! Future Encounter (June 9, 1983)
    30. The Prince's Order of Assassination (June 16, 1983)
    31. The Migratory Bird Returns (June 23, 1983)
    32. Venture! Island of Sweethearts (July 7, 1983)
    33. Tokimeki Folklore Comic (July 28, 1983)
    34. I Love you! I Love you! Love Triangle! (September 22, 1983)


    The manga had a circulation of 30 million copies in 2021. [2]

    On Anime News Network, Justin Sevakis said the anime was "a thirty year-old comedy that's still funny, with a setup that's still plausible and interesting, and animation that's still serviceable". [6]

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