Tokio Emoto

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Tokio Emoto
柄本 時生
Born (1989-10-17) October 17, 1989 (age 33)
Tokyo, Japan
Years active2003–present
Height1.76 m (5 ft 9 in) [1]
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Tokio Emoto (柄本 時生, Emoto Tokio, born October 17, 1989 in Tokyo, Japan) [1] is a Japanese actor who is represented by the talent agency Knockout.



Emoto's father is Akira Emoto, his mother is Kazue Tsunogae, and his brother is Tasuku Emoto. He is left-handed.

In 2003, Emoto had his acting debut in the film, Jam Films S . [2]

Up until around 2011, he maintained a part-time job in Shimokitazawa while acting. [3] As of July 2015, his job was in a T-shirt shop. [4]


TV series

2006 Kōmyō ga Tsuji Emperor Go-Yōzei NHK Taiga drama [5]
2011 Ohisama Takeo MiyamotoNHK Asadora [2]
2019 Idaten Manchō NHKTaiga drama [6]
2020North LightYutaka IshimakiNHKMiniseries [7]
2021Zenkamono Wowow Miniseries [8]


2008NaokoKosei Okuda [2]
Ain't no Tomorrows HirumaLead role [2]
2009SlackersTomu KidokoroLead role [9]
2020The Craft of Memories [10]
2021Blue [11]
The Supporting Actors: The MovieHimself [12]
Cube [13]
2023Ichikei's Crow: The MovieJun Doi [14]
Uchūjin no Aitsu [15]
Perfect Days Japanese-German film [16]
2024 Onihei Hankachō: Kettō [17]

Japanese dub

2018 Mutafukaz Vinz [18]

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