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Kokukoen Park and Tokorazawa Aviation Museum. Japan's first airfield can be seen in the grassy area lined with bushes with the museum behind Tokorozawa Kokukoen Park.jpg
Kōkūkōen Park and Tokorazawa Aviation Museum. Japan's first airfield can be seen in the grassy area lined with bushes with the museum behind
Japan's first powered aircraft, the "Henri Farman" at Tokorozawa Airfield First Plane in Japan (1911) - "Henri Farman".jpg
Japan's first powered aircraft, the "Henri Farman" at Tokorozawa Airfield

The Tokorozawa Aviation Museum (所沢航空発祥記念館, Tokorozawa Kōkū Hasshō Kinenkan) is a museum located in the city of Tokorozawa, Saitama dedicated to the history of aviation in Japan. It contains aircraft and other displays (many of which are interactive) and an IMAX theatre. Located on the site of Japan's first airfield which started operations in 1911 with a flight by Yoshitoshi Tokugawa, the original single runway is still visible and has been incorporated into a larger multifunction park adjacent to the museum. It is located in the Tokorozawa Aviation Memorial Park.


Aircraft in collection

Fuji T-1 (25-5856) Fuji T-1 (25-5856) at Tokorozawa Aviation Museum, Saitama prefecture, Japan.jpg
Fuji T-1 (25-5856)
Nakajima Ki-27 Nate replica Nakajima Ki-27 replica, Tokorozawa Aviation Museum.jpg
Nakajima Ki-27 Nate replica

At any given time the aircraft on display will vary. The NAMC YS-11 and the Curtiss EC-46 Commando are on permanent display in the park, but the collection visible in the museum itself changes. The collection is as follows:

Temporary displays

In 2013, an airworthy Zero fighter from World War II was exhibited at the museum, on loan from the Planes of Fame Air Museum in California. [4] [5]

In 2016 a replica Nakajima Ki-27 Nate made for the 2015 Asahi TV drama "Tsuma to Tonda Tokkouhei" was displayed at the museum.


The museum is located near Kōkū-kōen Station on the Seibu Shinjuku Line, approximately 30 to 45 minutes from central Tokyo.

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