Tokudaiji Saneatsu

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Tokudaiji Saneatsu
徳大寺 実淳
BornJune 22, 1445
DiedSeptember 12, 1533(1533-09-12) (aged 88)
  • Tokudaiji Kin'ari (father)

Tokudaiji Saneatsu (徳大寺 実淳, 22 June 1445 – 12 September 1533) was a Japanese kugyō during the Muromachi period.


He was the son of Tokudaiji Kin'ari. [1] His children were Tokudaiji Fusako (wife of Konoe Hisamichi and mother of Konoe Taneie and Koga Haremichi), [2] [3] Tokudaiji Kintane, Hino Uchimitsu [4] and a wife of Koga Michinobu. [5]


On 29 August 1462, Saneatsu was made a jusanmi. From 1481 to 1485, he served as a naidaijin . He was promoted to juichii on 4 May 1485. He later served as the Minister of the Left from 1487 to 1493. Finally, from 1509 to 1511, he served as daijō-daijin . [6] On 13 September 1511, he retired and undertook pabbajja , taking the name of Ninkei (忍継). [7] [ unreliable source? ] He died in 1533. [8] [9]

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