Tokunoshima Airport

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Tokunoshima Airport


Tokunoshima Kūkō
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Airport typePublic
Serves Tokunoshima
Amagi, Kagoshima, Japan
Elevation  AMSL 8 ft / 2 m
Coordinates 27°50′11″N128°52′53″E / 27.83639°N 128.88139°E / 27.83639; 128.88139 Coordinates: 27°50′11″N128°52′53″E / 27.83639°N 128.88139°E / 27.83639; 128.88139
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Location in Japan
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RJKN (Japan)
Direction LengthSurface
01/192,0006,562 Asphalt concrete
Statistics (2015)
Cargo (metric tonnes)211
Aircraft movement5,083

Tokunoshima Airport (徳之島空港, Tokunoshima Kūkō)( IATA : TKN, ICAO : RJKN) is an airport on the island of Tokunoshima, located in the town of Amagi, Ōshima District, Kagoshima Prefecture of Japan.



Tokunoshima Airport was opened on 23 February 1962 as a private venture by Toa Domestic Airlines with a 1080-meter runway. The airport was turned over to Kagoshima Prefecture on 24 October 1970, and was designed a 3rd class airport by the Japanese government on 27 February 1973. The runway was extended to 1200 meters on 1 June 1973, and to 2000 meters on 1 June 1980, becoming the first amongst Kagoshima’s offshore airports to be capable of handling jet aircraft operations.

In 2010, Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama offered the use of Tokunoshima to the United States as a relocation site for Marine Corps Air Station Futenma, leading to widespread protests. [2]

Airlines and destinations

J-Air Kagoshima
Japan Air Commuter Amami Ōshima, Kagoshima, Okinoerabu

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