Tokushima Castle Museum

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Tokushima Castle Museum
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Tokushima Castle Museum
General information
Address1-8, Tokushimachō Jōnai
Town or city Tokushima, Tokushima Prefecture
Country Japan
Coordinates 34°04′25″N134°33′21″E / 34.073617°N 134.555730°E / 34.073617; 134.555730
OpenedOctober 1992

Tokushima Castle Museum (徳島市立徳島城博物館, Tokushima shiritsu Tokushima-jō hakubutsukan) opened in Tokushima, Japan, in 1992. [1] The museum is located in a garden with the ruins of Tokushima Castle, and features exhibits about the history of the castle.


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