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The Tokushima Indigo Socks (徳島インディゴソックス, Tokushima Indigo Sokkusu) are a baseball team in the Shikoku Island League plus of Japan. Established in 2005, the Indigo Socks mainly play their home games at Tokushima prefecture Kuramoto stadium in Tokushima, Tokushima Prefecture.

They won the 2011, 2013, 2014 2017 and 2019 season titles by beating other teams in the Island League playoff. They also won 2020 season title(Playoff was not held, because Covid19).

Former MLB pitcher Kazuhito Tadano temporarily played for them in September and October 2006.

Their mascot's name is Spider, スパイダー in Japanese. [1]

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Andrew Utting is an Australian former professional baseball player.

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The 2014 J.League Division 1 season was the 49th season of top-flight football in Japan, and the 22nd since the establishment of the J.League in 1992. The season began on 1 March and ended on 8 December. Sanfrecce Hiroshima were the defending champions.

The 2015 Meiji Yasuda J2 League season was the 44th season of the second-tier club football in Japan and the 17th season since the establishment of J2 League. The season began on 8 March 2015 and ended on 23 November 2015. This was first season of J2 League as renamed from J. League Division 2.

The 2016 Meiji Yasuda J2 League season is the 45th season of second-tier club football in Japan and the 18th season since the establishment of J2 League.

Kōchi United Sports Club, commonly known as Kōchi United SC is a football club based in Kōchi, the capital city of Kōchi Prefecture in Japan. They play in the Japan Football League, Japan's fourth-tier semi-professional football league.

FC Tokushima are a Japanese football club based in Yoshinogawa, Tokushima. They currently play in the Shikoku Soccer League, which part of Japanese Regional Leagues.


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