Tokyo Cruise Ship

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Tokyo Cruise Ship
Himiko Cruise Ship.jpg
Himiko on Sumida River
Locale Tokyo, Japan
Waterway Port of Tokyo and Sumida River
Transit type Water bus
OperatorTokyo Cruise Ship Company
No. of lines6
No. of vessels11 passenger ships, 1 work ship
No. of terminals11

The Tokyo Cruise Ship (東京都観光汽船, Tōkyō-to Kankō Kisen, "Tokyo Metropolis Sightseeing Ship") is a water bus operator in Tokyo. It is a privately owned company operating public transport, unlike the Tokyo Metropolitan Park Association, another water bus operator in the city. It operates several public lines and offers services such as event cruises and chartered ships.



Arrows (→) indicate ships only go that direction. Dashes () indicate ships go both directions. Lines are operated everyday, unless noted otherwise.

Sumida River Line (隅田川ライン, Sumidagawa Rain)

Asakusa → Hamarikyū → Hinode Pier
Hinode Pier → Asakusa

Asakusa-Odaiba Direct Line (浅草・お台場直通ライン, Asakusa-Odaiba Chokutsū Rain)

Asakusa → Odaiba Seaside Park → Toyosu → Asakusa

Happy Dog Cruise (ハッピードッグクルーズ, Happī Doggu Kurūzu)

Odaiba Seaside Park → (Cruising) → Odaiba Seaside Park
A daily event cruise for dog people.

Odaiba Line (お台場ライン, Odaiba Rain)

Hinode Pier Harumi Odaiba Seaside Park

Tokyo Big Sight Palette Town Line (東京ビッグサイト・パレットタウンライン, Tōkyō Biggu Saito Paretto Taun Rain)

Hinode Pier Tokyo Big Sight Palette Town
Closes on Monday and Tuesday.

Museum of Maritime Science, Shinagawa Aquarium Line (船の科学館・しながわ水族館ライン, Fune no Kagakukan Shinagawa Suizokukan Rain)

Hinode Pier Museum of Maritime Science Ooi Seashore Park Shinagawa Aquarium
Closes when Shinagawa Aquarium closes (basically on Tuesday). The line is called "Canal Cruise" (キャナルクルーズ, Kyanaru Kurūzu) inside ships.


Second sister ship to Himiko
The design produced by Leiji Matsumoto, world-famous Anime and Manga artist.
Sister ship to Himiko
A rescue work ship.
Used for the Happy Dog Cruise. The only paddlewheeler in Tokyo Bay.


Hinode Pier日の出桟橋 JR: Keihin-Tōhoku Line and Yamanote Line (Both 9 min. walk from Hamamatsuchō)
Tokyo Monorail (9 min. walk from Hamamatsuchō)
Yurikamome (2 min. walk from Hinode, U-04)
Hinode Pier Minato
Asakusa浅草 Tōbu: Skytree Line (1 min. walk from Asakusa)
Toei: Asakusa Line (3 min. walk from Asakusa, A-18)
Tokyo Metro: Ginza Line (1 min. walk from Asakusa, G-19)
Asakusa (Sensō-ji Temple), Kappabashi, Asahi Breweries Taitō
Hamarikyū浜離宮JR: Keihin-Tōhoku Line, Tōkaidō Main Line, Yamanote Line, and Yokosuka Line (All 10 min. walk from Shimbashi)
Toei: Asakusa Line (10min. walk from Shimbashi, A-10), Ōedo Line (5 min. walk from Shiodome, E-19, or 7 min. walk from Tsukiji-Shijō, E-18)
Tokyo Metro: Ginza Line (10 min. walk from Shimbashi, G-08)
Tokyo Mizube Line (Hama-rikyū, same place)
Yurikamome (5 min. walk from Shiodome, U-02)
Hamarikyū Gardens, Tsukiji fish market, Shiodome Chūō
Toyosu豊洲Tokyo Metro: Yūrakuchō Line (5 min. walk from Toyosu, Y-22)
Yurikamome (5 min. walk from Toyosu, U-16)
Urban Dock LaLaPort Toyosu, Tokyo Gus Science Museum, Toyosu Park Kōtō
Harumi晴海Harumi Ferry TerminalChūō
Odaiba Seaside Parkお台場海浜公園Tokyo Mizube Line (Odaiba-kaihinkōen, same place)
Yurikamome (5 min. walk from Daiba, U-07)
Odaiba Kaihin Park, Aqua City Odaiba, Decks Tokyo Beach, Fuji Television Minato
Museum of Maritime Science船の科学館Tokyo Mizube Line (Fune-no-Kagakukan, same place)
Yurikamome (5 min. walk from Tokyo International Cruise Terminal, U-08)
Museum of Maritime Science, Shiokaze Park Kōtō
Palette TownパレットタウンTokyo Mizube Line (Palettetown, same place)
Yurikamome (In front of Aomi, U-10)
Palette Town (VenusFort, Megaweb, Zepp Tokyo)
Tokyo Big Sight東京ビッグサイトTokyo Mizube Line (Tokyo-Big-Site, same place)
Yurikamome (3 min. walk from Tokyo Big Sight, U-11)
Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo Fashion Town
Oi Seashore Park大井海浜公園Tokyo Monorail (5min. walk from Ōi Keibajō Mae) Ōi Futō Chūō Kaihin Park Shinagawa
Shinagawa Aquariumしながわ水族館 Keikyū: Main Line (7 min. walk from Ōmori-Kaigan) Shinagawa Aquarium, Ōi Racecourse

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